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  • I do not recall ever reading Robbin's opinion on this subject, but I would agree that anything touching on mysticism or magic is from the realm of darkness. And since the scriptures forbid dabbling in sorceries, I do not consider it legalistic to oppose such, but rather an act of obedience to avoid being distracted by such, for our own spiritual well-being and protection.
    Guess I stepped on your toes big time, not knowing this is of interest to you. I consider fictions; especially mystical fictions, to be outside God's realm. A lifetime is too short as it is, to learn all of the divine Truth given to us in His Word. Why waste precious time on what is not real nor edifying to one's soul?
    Hate it, oppose it, and have made it forbidden reading for my girls. Not that I believe they have heeded my advice, and have not read, but at least I tried to prevent their minds from being influenced by such nonsense.
    For calling Tam a demon, I hope to see you in
    the "Woodshed" real soon! Also looking forward
    to seeing you banned! Don't much like ya!
    It's not just you. It'd be one thing if there were free donuts or something.

    Anyway, I look forward to further sparring on those great many disagreements. Always good to stay sharp.
    Just as well you did not call attention to the matter with the mods. They would not take your side, but his, and you are better served staying off their radar.
    "Christian" Liberty,

    Hi... why do you have for your avatar a picture of a homosexual who openly promotes sodomy?
    Wow Hello and Greetings!

    Wanted to hurry to say I love to see you here as you undoubtedly are working on being banned again
    I'm betting I am old as she is, so pull up your big boy pants and wipe your runny nose...it's unbecoming.
    Nope . . . here is a copy:

    Post: Researcher reviled by gays unveils shocking new study re Christians, gay marriage
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    Infraction: Name-calling without cause
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    Message to User:
    Long pattern of name calling.

    Original Post:
    Originally Posted by PureX
    Study shows that gays are less religious!

    Well, DUH!

    Study shows that Christians who support the freedoms of others are less religious!

    Well, DUH!

    Study shows that we super-religious folks look down our noses at everyone who's not as super-religious as we are!

    Well, DUH!

    Study shows that everyone but we super-religious elites think these studies are stupid!

    Well, DUH!

    study shows that purex is a tard
    Not cringed because of agreement or disagreement, but at my explanation. It was not as eloquent as it should have been! =)
    It's going. Welcome back, btw. I know I have been quiet lately. I read through some of the posts and just think arguing about some of these topics, particularly with certain individuals, is just not worth the effort.

    I had a discussion about Libertarian politics two evenings ago and thought about you. I think you would have cringed...I even said to the fellow, I am not the best person to explain this yet, I am still learning myself. lol
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