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  • They are always trying to save cyberspace...it's best to blog anything you want to keep. :)

    Last time they hatcheted my reps as well...just to be mean. :eek: nice to see you didn't take it bad.
    I was chased by 10s of thousands of angry wasps as a kid, I got trapped in an outhouse and they were getting in.

    I prayed the Our Father.

    When I looked up they were gone.
    You're nailing it, you really get it, particularly the part about The Holocaust replacing the Crucifixion. If we're all guilty of crucifying the Jews we can hardly challenge them to repent- and then we have all these twisted interpretations of the "end times" allowing Jews to be at peace in their sin and even having supremacy (explicitly and not just implied).

    RCLady, I started a thread on the religion forum looking for a conversation to motivate my study of both full and partial preterism. I think so much of the final hour/last days talk of the Bible was directed to a people who were about to see their worlds turned upside down. The Messiah came, and instead of freeing Israel from Rome, the church was birthed, Israel was mortally divided and their very national home was wiped out. Even with the Holy Spirit, you know that was a tremendous psychological challenge to the beloved.
    Well, we're getting our opportunity to speak anyway. :) No one is saying Jews didn't suffer (garden variety Jews, not the Rothschilds and Warburgs and Oppenheimers...who all probably profitted) but it's like this mythical number of six million and the 60 million 'non chosen' who died as a result of the war don't matter. It allowed them to establish the 666 (the intrinsic quality star of kabballah) driving out the Arabs and perpetual war and their control of moronic Christians through guilt and fealty is utterly disgusting. This may be the biggest thing holding back the church and causing it to explode and flourish and for righteousness and salvation to take over the place. Instead, we get the 9/11 wars, bankruptcy, gay marriage and Army chaplains who pray in "your" name.
    When I was in high school part of that package of beliefs was that the Nazis made wallets out of human skin and they made soap out of their fat. Somewhere along the line that got dropped. Auschwitz got downgraded something like 4 million down to 1 million, something like that. The "Holocaust denier" historian David Irving tells you flat out the Nazis gunned down Jews. What these people don't understand is that the package has to be swallowed in it's entirety, it can be compared to no other attrocity and it wasn't just Hitler but all Christians were responsible for it. The bad part is that for a forum that prides itself letting people have their say political correctness won out.
    Since your thread fell prey to political correctness, I'll make comments here. Many of those morons can't separate the package of ideas that is "The Holocaust" from things like prisoners (even the lowly 'not chosen') starving because the war had stopped food supplies. The Andersonville Civil War Museum has many similar pictures that are not "The Holocaust".
    II Cor 11:16-33 I just think this is how it's done. It's clear to you, you tell the truth, but they're either too simple or fearful and so they persecute you. But, God desires them, and it is your service to God to take their crap. It's just how it's done. You're aces with me, however.
    The cold makes my joints hurt. :( I did much better insofar as the weather agreeing with me when I was living in California.
    Oooh the rain is lovely at night.... I think you're the first person I've ever heard tell me they like the humidity! :) I love dry heat. Haha.... I know what you mean about the snow.
    Most people hate Nebraska in the summer time because summers are humid and rainy. I love that. Now if we could just get rid of the snow.
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