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  • Now I see Stripe is, it's embarrassing to think how often I defended him as a decent guy with a hard head. His impulse control wouldn't impress a three year old...and his "look at me" stomp arounds are reminiscent of my last troll.

    Kids. :eek:
    You'd think that after the "racist" implosion he'd learn...well, no. No, there's no reason to really think that, is there? :plain:
    Am I having fun? Imagine yourself having an argument of merit with someone skilled in rhetoric, rational in application of fundamental principles, and driven to produce meaningful discourse.

    Seriously, imagine that. God knows I have to. :plain: :eek:
    Man, Stripe is just not an honest person...which disappoints me. I think it's his near pathological need to be seen as an authority, or maybe he's just the worst sort of sport imaginable, after the legal debacle of any event I just put him on the "funny stick only" list. I'm going to try to continue with gen, but he's taken a couple of personal shots that, if escalated, will result in much the same.

    The thing about zealots is they're incapable of simply noting an honest, thoughtful difference and moving on. Hmm...:think:
    You must have missed the add campaign: Reading isn't fundamentalist. :mock: :poly:

    Of course none of that was in print.
    If you walk by his grave it sounds like a Cuisinart. :plain:

    :think: I may have to visit this upon your comment on the point. :eek:
    So I was looking at JR going on and on with reports and came across his reporting a couple of yours. The first was complaining about you "derailing" a thread by making a comment about Stripe's signature line aimed at yours truly, a truly bizarre bit we've talked about. I answered that his use of that in every post he makes constitutes its inclusion as a part of the conversation.

    The second JR tag on you? An even goofier complaint that is in sum: "Grossnik," really?
    I see Stripe put a message and link relating to me in his signature line. . . That's always a sure sign of emotional and mental stability. :plain: Or, maybe your irony comment should have included the unintentional form as a special emphasis. :think:
    I get the not posting bit, but shutting down her friends ability to easily leave a nod or nudge seems pointlessly irksome. And I intend to smite her repeatedly with equally pointless bits of dialogue about ham crammed into the old fashioned rep until she relents...or I'll just email her.

    Whichever is there goes that one. :eek:
    Agreed. It's fun to differ, if not by all that much or on all that much, without a lot of messenger killing...not that I won't do that in a minute, mind you, but so far...:eek:

    Nudged anna away from here to ask why the devil she has her profile page and PM shut down to everyone.

    I mean I assume it's everyone. :plain: :noid:
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