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  • Hello,....just popping in a bit, will be transferring some of my commentary here into a new forum venue,...but trying to see if I can still add anything here, or if there are interesting and coherent persons here to actually dialogue with lol - how is your TOL experience....i've not been that active here in some time.
    Sorry. Cleaned it up a bit. Thank you again. Kinley is really excited about the project, and this will be a highlight for her.
    Of course ... though not surprised. How are you doing? It's been so long since I have conversed with you! :eek:
    For Pete's sake empty your mail box. Had some good news to share without worrying about the gossip girls, but yours was full again.
    Or if two people are willing to swear you were speeding you might get a good ol lashing. If one of them remembers it was a different car later everyone gets lashes. So...good for the whip industry at any rate. :plain:
    Can't do it. Saw just enough to recognize what the thread was all about. It's an excuse for a handful to take out some frustration they can't lay out directly and for a few second rate rationalists to pile on. No substance to it or the worn excuses for proffers. I've set out the nature of the system before, the statistical and logical support for it as a great one, deficiencies notwithstanding. I've noted how the roles set out function to, collectively, serve justice, how the standards work and why the appellate system is both a virtue and necessity.

    You can't reason with the unreasonable. They aren't listening. They're just counting the beats until they say the next idiotic thing.
    Decided to not bother with Stripe's passive-aggressive, thinly veiled call-out thread. You and fool have it in hand anyway. :cheers:
    Stripe is out there taking one for the team...of stalkers, again. Like having a younger brother determined to score any sort of point, or failing that to manage attention. I mean, if that younger brother had a significant deviation from the mean in a head injury sort of fashion. :plain: to talk football to, but I've rarely found anyone more willfully obtuse when it comes to managing plain facts and clear logic. I don't know how many times he kept repeating that not voting for Trump was de facto voting for Hillary, seemingly incapable of recognizing how easily that could be turned on its ear, even after I did that. :plain: :idunno:

    And I always know when a right winger is out of gas. They bring out the "you liberal" crap, which gives my wife, an actual liberal, a good deal of amusement.

    The last time she read an exchange she said, "You know, a monkey with head trauma would make more sense and fling less poo [okay, she didn't actually say poo]. Why are you still trying to teach them to use a fork?"

    To which I responded, "Because everyone needs to learn how, if only to keep them from poking their eyes out with it...or someone else's."
    Yeah. I gave him the first one that was just a mock nog bit. Figured it was a bored one-off and I posted around it. So the little fellow did it twice more. Then I reported the trollings and locked the thread. I thought his arrogance on the point after that, the last post of his in the thread spoke volumes about his inflated sense of cleverness, trying to flaunt what he'd just been told to lay off of by reproducing it under the guise of explanation.

    So I stepped around it again. Hard for him to do much with it that won't look like what it already is and get him a thread ban. What a...doofus.
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