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  • Thank you, Arthur
    I thought so too really.
    I just refused to talk to her further while she was posting to me and writing on my personal page.

    So I was good up to a point.

    You won't understand this but after Rusha kept at me for I don't know how long about leaving TM alone
    I just had to talk to TM. It's weird. It was kinda like
    being told to not touch the red button a zillion times. Sooner or later you just touch the button.

    I have to say TM does sound ok though right now, doesn't she?
    Like "what is wrong with rainee??"
    Rusha being an - well - whatever may have helped TM (just like I hoped.)

    That's good.

    Maybe it means I can quit while she is ahead.

    Thanks for giving good advice, Arthur
    Rusha has negative repped me three times in just a space of a few furious hours!

    And she is using your precious thread as her excuse.

    She told me to quit taking to TM but I hadn't done that
    since I reminded TM she had barked at me in an attempt to be mean on another thread.
    I couldn't very well stop talking to someone I wasn't talking to, could I?
    So I have gone ahead and written to TM. Or written back, she had kept posting.

    Maybe it will help.

    Maybe you will help?
    Yeh, sorry. My mistake. I just re read. I'm from the North of England and have a boringly average nondescript accent. *sigh*
    Ah...perhaps you something about this latest development on the history of chess in the what is worse thread :p
    Well don't worry. I plan on being around for your next and I'll bring a stake with me, sorry, steak.....

    Mr (sigh) Brain,
    Please quit talking about SD.
    Please get a hobby or something!
    Play more music for pities sake!
    Why continue reading SD's threads and having cows about them over and over again???

    Please. I am begging you.
    Why toy with insanity like this? Why?

    Thank you!
    And have a good day! :wave:
    Ah. That does not surprise me. Which thread? I can tell you exactly who that other poster was as I've just been reading his stuff: Tom From Mabank.... :plain:
    Ridiculous sounds good to me :D I've decided that if possible I am gonna die laughing so if I'm not around for a while....
    Hi TH, I've actually pasted my last reply on the thread as it does seem relevant. I hope you don't mind and I can't see AA having any objections. Time is absolutely relevant if understanding is necessary to choose. You may see a gift in a nano second and receive it. Someone else might take a week. Probably better to hash out on the thread though? :e4e:
    Hey, yup, no bother. I've upgraded me collection quite a bit since then so can get some copies burned off for you no bother :) You'll have to let me know your address for London again....I'll send you a PM tomoz, have fun! :cheers:
    Yes, back to my little home town of Darlington. Things were getting a bit too difficult and the job was making me ill.....:(
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