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Nang's SPOTD is Tet's Hit Out of the Park!

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  • To say, "Paul's Gospel" regarding the "Dispensation of Grace" is,
    Satanic, places Nang in a very serious position! Paul's message is
    the ONLY message for today! Dispensationilism preaches that!
    Rightly dividing the Word is fundamental to dispensationilism!


    • Originally posted by tetelestai View Post
      I agree.

      However, since the topic of the thread is the linking of Dispensationalism and Satanists, I'll show more.

      Next I'll show the connection between the Plymouth Brethern/John Nelson Darby/Dispensationalism and the occultist Helena Blavatsky

      Helena Blavatsky was an occultist who published her infamous book "The Secret Doctrine"

      I will show excerpts from Blavatsky's book, and Darby's writings:

      Blavatsky's will be in red, Darby's will be in blue:

      The Absolute: “An Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable PRINCIPLE on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude. It is beyond the range and reach of thought — in the words of Mandukya, ‘unthinkable and unspeakable.’”

      "The essential being of Godhead cannot change, as is evident - the Absolute, as men speak - and whatever His humiliation, all the fulness of the Godhead (theotetos) dwelt in Him bodily.

      "The occultist, however, works there; he becomes a conscious directing agent; he creates upon the physical plane that which he desires, and that which he desires is the pattern of [244] things and the design laid down upon the trestle board of the spiritual consciousness by the great divine Architect."

      But we need a "Faithful Witness." We see God in nature that is true, but all this knowledge does not lead man to God. Man has spoilt all. The traces of God, of the Architect, are there; but it is a ruin. All is defiled from His mind; all is in degradation.

      "And then he desired him to bring his army, which, from respect, had been encamped at a distance, and he called on the heavenly architect, Vishvakarma, to come and build him lodgings for Bharata and his followers, and to various Deities to aid him in showing due hospitality.

      "It is life; that is, Christ, as having, as Son, life in and from the life of the living God, life divine, life in Himself (proved in resurrection), which is the foundation and security of the assembly built by the heavenly Architect, against which he who has the power of death, Satan, cannot prevail.

      "Vital Force, the force – the energy of life, that makes the difference between a dead and a living body.

      "All suffering was over for Him at His death; and in His resurrection all is new for us! all our sins are forgiven, and we are with Him in God's presence, and when He comes we shall be like Him in glory. But though He died it was not because His vital force was exhausted. He cried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost."

      the study of the Divine Mind in Nature

      In spiritual subjects, it is the object of much distinct converse in them to be able to present them primarily and vividly, so as to lead the way to fuller investigation of the divine mind.

      the consciousness of the "Divine Being" of the Sun

      Christians are brought into connection with the divine Being Himself, and in acts which ought to have the most powerful effect on the heart and conscience;

      Rejecting the idea of a God existing outside nature, theosophy speaks of an all-pervading divine essence, an infinite ocean of consciousness

      "No man hath seen God at any time: the only-begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him." He knew, and saw, as One familiar and at ease with the Father and the Holy Ghost, with the glory of the Godhead. He was Himself in the unity of the divine essence."

      "All human history and all human temperaments, all ways to serve and all ways to joy, are seen as manifestations of one or another of the seven "rays" which channel divine energy into the life of the world."

      "There is a power which takes us, as it were, out of ourselves, where God is in divine energy, but there is a calculation of love which is divine too."

      "It is evidently first apparent as a blind force seeking the light of self-perception and from this it arises that we are often puzzled by the appearance of an apparent unintelligent energy, known to us as the law of necessity usurping the control of the Universe."

      When the carnal and unintelligent energy of Peter employs force to defend Him, who, if He would, had only needed to have gone away when a word from His lips had cast down to the ground all those who came to take Him

      "The weak point and vicious aspect of the arrangement is that people, not understanding the real meaning of these rituals, have come to perform them quite mechanically, and the energy of faith has evaporated leaving behind the scum of blind-belief.

      He acted towards him as towards a beloved and faithful servant, even at the moment in which He made him sensible of his failure in the energy of faith; for He did not make others aware of it, although He has communicated it to us for our instruction.

      "According to tradition, the Kabbalah is the secret wisdom of God, first given to Adam and Moses and passed on orally from teacher to student down through the ages to the present."

      "The church continues, if you take the secret wisdom of God; if you take the revealed statement of God, there is no intimation of remaining here. You will never find the church contemplated as remaining, so as to put off the coming of the Lord."

      "We believe in a universal divine principle, the root of all, from which all proceeds, and within which all shall be absorbed at the end of the great cycle of being"

      "In the case which has led to these remarks, it is striking to see how this principle elevates the slave in his condition: he obeys by an inward divine principle, as though it were Christ Himself whom he obeyed."

      those who were instructed by the 'Sons of God,' of the island, and who were initiated in the divine doctrine of pure revelation; and others who inhabited the lost Atlantis

      "It is beautiful to see the way in which divine doctrine enters into the details of life, and throws the fragrance of its perfection into every duty and every relationship

      The "wave motion of living particles" becomes comprehensible on the theory of a Spiritual ONE LIFE, of a universal Vital principle independent of our matter, and manifesting as atomic energy only on our plane of consciousness.

      "The aggressive action which is the vital principle of all dissenting energy, be it for good or for evil, its professed disconnection with the State, debars it from this place."

      "Most people who have taken the Seven Ray Intensive report life-changing adjustments to their path and an increase of vital energy and spiritual connectedness."

      "Moreover, here is the emphasis, the point of association as the communion of all vital energy, the standard and communication of fulness, and thus all fulness is there.

      She saw the Christ as a great "Person", embodying the energy of love, and His return as the awakening of that energy in human consciousness."

      "For here it seems to be, in the largest sense, the love of God. Of course, it means God's loving us; but it includes also the blessed fact that no matter what the state of evil may be, as long as the Lord leaves His Church here, there is room for this energy of love to others."

      "He is known to be the great Lord of Love and Compassion, the Master of the Masters, the Instructor of the Angels and the "One for Whom all the nations wait." And, this Great Being is also known under such additional titles as the True Aquarian, the Pilgrim, the Healer and the Thinker.”

      "But the patience of the Lord of love is never wearied by the obstinate perverseness of His people.
      It wasn't criticism of you, even though I'm not a Preterist. I just know how Dispies twist anything posted as source material. I've dealt with them for years, and they're the most wretched of all professing Believers.

      The only thing that will penetrate the false fascade of Dispo drivel is the ontological Gospel. In a single 2-hour teaching, others can be free from the mind-twist of the Dispie lies. I do it multiple times weekly. Dispensationalism is disappearing one enlightened heart at a time. Light dispels darkness.

      (I still gotta say I really like musterion, though. He's just not like the rest of the roving pack of Dispos for some reason.)
      Ecclesia reformata et semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei
      “The Church reformed and always reforming, according to the Word of God.”


      • If you're a "Child of God" Nang, you're under the discipline
        of your Father in Heaven, and He'll deal with you according
        to His will! If you're not a Christian then, hopefully, some
        day you'll place ALL of your faith in Christ alone?


        • Having certain "elements" on ignore, allows members of
          the Body of Christ to share truth with one another, without
          having to hear what the "unsaved" are ranting about!


          • I'm not saying we ought not to share the Gospel with them, we
            can preach the truth in our conversations!


            • Originally posted by Grosnick Marowbe View Post
              I have placed PPS and TeT on ignore!
              Good. Maybe you could take a national ad campaign to tell everyone out of false self-importance.

              I've had enough of their
              wickedness! Neither is a "Child of God" in my opinion!
              Dispo opinions are irrelevant. That's the point.
              Ecclesia reformata et semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei
              “The Church reformed and always reforming, according to the Word of God.”


              • There are some, who have hardened their hearts against Paul's
                Gospel and have made up their minds already! For those, there
                is no hope! However, if some are seeking God's truth and are
                listening to the Holy Spirit convicting their hearts, then, there
                is hope!


                • Some will end up standing before the Judgment seat of God and be
                  'judged' by their works as the book of Revelation teaches! Those
                  who are standing before God are those who will be cast into the
                  "Lake of fire!" Why? Because, they "rejected" God's Grace! And,
                  tried to work out their own way to God, and not His way!


                  • It's, God the Holy Spirit who convicts the hearts of the unsaved! He
                    uses the written Word of God; the Bible! Romans 10:17 states; "So
                    then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."


                    • Romans 2:8 states; "For by grace are ye saved through
                      faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:"

                      By God's "Free gift" of mercy, forgiveness, and eternal
                      life we are saved, through placing our faith in Christ as
                      our Lord and Savior!


                      • Originally posted by musterion View Post
                        Well, he bugged out right when I asked him what church/denom he IDs with. So there's that.
                        Yeah, I "bugged out" to go teach for 5 hours. That's why I'm only intermittently on TOL, unlike everyone that seems to have nothing better to do in real life.

                        It's called live ministry to Believers who love the truth.

                        Originally posted by Grosnick Marowbe View Post
                        You're NOT in the Body of Christ! While there's life there's hope
                        You wouldn't know who is or isn't in the Body. You're putting new wine in old wineskins, just like the majority of the church-at-large.

                        Originally posted by Grosnick Marowbe View Post
                        He's hiding something! All of these types do!
                        I hide nothing, and your "type" doesn't need to say anything about "types".

                        Originally posted by musterion View Post
                        We'll see. They all tip their hand eventually.
                        Funny how you set yourself as the standard for all judgment, presuming all others will fail your tests.

                        Here ya go...

                        Having grown up under a Southern Baptist pew, attending an SBC Bible College, and serving in an SBC pulpit for 12 years; I realized I was lost without Christ after hearing the true Gospel.

                        So I left church-based ministry and have done para-church community ministry for the last 17 years while being a member of a sequence of non-denominational fellowships wherever I've lived and owned businesses. I also currently serve as part of the Pastoral Care Team and in other roles in my current local fellowship. One of those privileges is to teach the ontological Gospel to multiple groups each week.
                        Ecclesia reformata et semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei
                        “The Church reformed and always reforming, according to the Word of God.”


                        • You cannot come into the presence of God with your good works/deeds,
                          church attendance, or water baptism! You must first recognize that you're
                          a lost sinner in need of a Savior! You must hear the message preached (like
                          now) and be persuaded (by the Holy Spirit) that Christ is your Lord and
                          Savior! Then place your faith in Him, then, the Holy Spirit seals and indwells
                          you and baptizes you (not water baptism) into the Body of Christ! You are
                          then, guaranteed eternal life! If this occurrence doesn't happen during your
                          lifetime then, you will stand before God and be judged!


                          • Originally posted by Grosnick Marowbe View Post
                            It's, God the Holy Spirit who convicts the hearts of the unsaved! He
                            uses the written Word of God; the Bible! Romans 10:17 states; "So
                            then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."
                            Ummm... Romans 10:17 is rhema. Though the Bible contains the rhema, this kind of post illustrates why the Church overall is so ignorant and apostate, putting new wine in old wineskins and having no idea what scripture really says beyond preconceived concepts of the mind.

                            Satan's devices (noema) are concepts of the mind. Imagine... Nobody is aware of Satan's concepts of the mind because of the concepts of their minds.

                            It's hard to watch.
                            Ecclesia reformata et semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei
                            “The Church reformed and always reforming, according to the Word of God.”


                            • Water Baptism doesn't take away sin, nor does it "save" you!
                              Going to church doesn't save you!
                              Doing good works/deeds doesn't save you!

                              Christ shed His blood on the cross for the sins of all! However,
                              ONLY those who place their faith in Him and are sealed by the
                              Holy Spirit will receive the benefits of Christ's sacrifice!

                              Unsaved man will be judged according to his "works" not his
                              sins! Revelation 20:13 states; "And the sea gave up the dead
                              which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which
                              were in them: and they were judged every man according to their

                              These "Dead" that are spoken of, are the 'unsaved!"


                              • Originally posted by PneumaPsucheSoma View Post
                                Dispies deny the very body and blood of Christ, having no idea what the ontological Gospel is; instead turning God into a racist bigot anti-Semite (since the modern claimant pseudo-heirs aren't even Semitic).

                                Dispensationalism is a huge chunck of the apostasy. Reprobates. Dispensationalism is another Gospel and receives the curse of Galatians 1 from Paul.

                                And whoever referred to Darby in glory... Nope. But all the Dispies get to join him as they deny the resurrected, glorified, ascended prosopon of Christ is the Promised Land.
                                None of this is true.

                                The fact you didn't even try to substantiate it is evidence of that.