TOL is for Dialogue!!!


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:mock: usernames in bold red letters


:mock: resodko



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are you looking for a dialogue?

what is a dialogue?

one calls the other an idiot

and the other says you are going to hell?


I have seen lots of them

what more could a dialogue be?


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so let's have a dialogue

you are an idiot

you are going to hell

that is an awful thing to say

I am just trying to warn you

it sounds like judging to me

I trust what the bible says

do you trust your interpretation?

it means what is says

then why are you so mean?


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You know the guy Shagster?

Your posts carry about as much weight.

No matter what biblical reply you get, you've already dismissed it as in violation of your magisterium or as just our interpretation. Either way, you never really consider it.

So why you keep asking us anything? Your ultimate answer never varies. No Catholic's ever does.


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to see if you have an answer

are you a sinner?

No. I am not.

Is that because of myself, or any inherent righteousness of my own, or due to anything I did, or could do? No. In myself, I am nothing and have nothing. No righteousness, no strength, no hope. I am, in myself, bankrupt, destitute, wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked, wicked, contemptible, condemnable and damned. As you are. In that respect, you are I are no different.

But now...

I am in Christ. Now and forever. God has declared me as having died with His Son, having risen from the dead with His Son, and am seated at God's right hand in His Son. Because of all that -- because of what He did for me -- I have been forever separated from sin and from God's condemning Law.

So no...I, the new, real me that has been created in Christ, is not a sinner. That is the only "me" I'm to give any thought to because that's the only "me" God now sees.

Your turn.


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She wants brothers in sin, not brothers in Christ.

Keep on raging and breaking those bands asunder, Meshak. The Lord laughs.


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is it possible that someone doing the exact things you do could considered themselves to be a sinner?

I answered your question, in depth. Now please answer mine before giving me another.

If God promised that your entire sin debt to Him could be forever erased AND that He'd account to you the righteousness of His Son, would you want it?