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If you don't want to hear it from me, I'll send out a PM for someone to assist you.

Now, can you please answer the question in #67?


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Your entire life's sin debt is, right now, completely and forever gone and never able to be re-attributed to you, putting you beyond all reach of God's condemnation?

again I can say yes to part of it
definitely no the the rest

why do you ask such complicated questions?


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You said you agree with this:

If God promised that your entire sin debt to Him could be forever erased
when what I meant to say (sorry for being unclear) is that you can know RIGHT NOW that your entire sin debt is erased FOREVER. But if I'm not mistaken, your church forbids anyone claiming that knowledge on penalty of anathema. True?

Then you said you do not understand this at all:

that He'd account to you the righteousness of His Son, would you want it?
This is what Paul says God does for all who come to Christ in faith: not merely forgiven (though they are that) but actually JUSTIFIED: reckoned with the very righteousness of Christ Jesus Himself. There's no continuum, spectrum, sliding scale, gray area or middle ground here. One has His righteousness now and forever, or one has no righteousness and so stands condemned. But again, I suspect your church seeks to suppress this knowledge as well.