The Joys of Catholicism


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Miracles are in the eye of the beholder.

Wrong. Your subjective opinion does not match objective truth, ESPECIALLY what the Bible shows.

Miracles are, objectively, events that supersede natural or spiritual law.

Turning water into wine supersedes natural law and so is miraculous. Praying does not supersede any spiritual law so it is not miraculous to say a prayer, whereas a person exercising authority over a fallen angelic being, for example in an exorcism, would supersede spiritual law. Sections of the Bible differ in how commonly they record miracles. But there is one thread that runs consistently throughout:

Miracles foster unbelief.

Healing someone with medicine is not a miracle.

People "returning from the dead" are frauds, not the recipients of miracles.

Preachers who do faith healings (supposed miracles) are frauds.