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  • Good luck with Brantl. It doesn't look like there's a post-Vatican II revision, so bear in mind that it was put together before that council concluded.

    If you're up for it, I've found that the 'Coming Home Network' has some good stories from all walks of life about people who've changed their theology to Catholicism. chnetwork-dot-org
    Thanks. Everything doesn't have to be about villains. I wanted to find a narrative that would open a truth that could hold both in a light different than that one. I suspect that's closer to what happened. I think it's why his friend couldn't bring himself to muster as strong a denial. If I'm right it's mostly just tragic and needless and sad. Though a good cautionary tale. I would add that some of that outrage was likely turned inward as well. The testimony of so many decent people to his decency makes it doubly sad, if I'm correct.
    Don't know that you peruse Quixote's, but as I didn't have space for some of our conversation I left the following note and link there, because I thought what you wrote warranted it.

    "By the way, though I don't have time for it here, his response inside the framework of fast food was really very good and you should take a look at it and my answer beginning here, if you have the time and like that sort of thing...and if you don't you're in a peculiar thread and post for you."
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