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  • There is something going on with one of my latest posts. It appears in My Content in my account, but does not show up in the Politics forum where I posted it. A later post does show up there. The title of the post is:

    Peer-Review Study Finds that CDC Inflated Covid Deaths by 1,600%​

    I'd appreciate it if you would look into this for me.
    Hi JR,
    I just sent you a message but vBulletin is so screwy these days I don't trust it got to you so here goes again:
    Were having a conference call tonight on the TOL 10 commandments with Bob at 6pm Eastern. If you can make it go to https://meet.google.com/kbb-bziv-fcb

    Hope to hear from you then,

    Meh, I logged in anonymous and read Clete. He hasn't changed a whit. He cannot even remember I posted substantially in the Summit Clock Experiment (with proofs). Help me out: Is debate something you really want in Bob Enyart Live? Maybe that's the problem. I just can't do threads when they get this nasty. All the things I've a problem with regarding Clete, like a self-fullfilling prophecy, he's displayed in thread, including inane posturing. Next? He tried to apply it to all of you? Well no, I don't have the same disdain for the rest of Open Theology, because the rest of you aren't this bad. However, how can this particular thread move along now? I think its best if I just delete my posts and let the mess lie. Aside from the content that should be there pro and con concerning a meaningful discussion of time, it hasn't gone that direction and I'm not pleased with my posts there either. The challenge was to discuss time. The majority of Christianity disagrees with you guys. I thought you'd like to know why. I had dug up articles but my saying 'wrong' is incredibly different than 'liar' etc. It just has become, imho, an ugly blight on TOL with that kind of talk. You laughed, but this is it: Imho, it makes him unsuitable for debate or discussions on TOL. Perhaps it'd be a good idea, especially now that I know what he's been saying, if I deleted my posts and called it a day. It just isn't worth it, for me, I don't think for you, for Jefferson, or Bob Enyart, let alone Clete or myself. -Lon
    Regarding Stuu's comment you flagged about Christianity controlling people ( https://theologyonline.com/forum/politics-religion-and-the-rest/politics/2742036-here-s-why-trump-wants-us-all-to-go-back-to-work?p=2745053#post2745053 ) JR, I've heard sermons from evangelical pastors making the same claim about many preachers. I've made the same claim myself. Pastors who preach that dancing is sinful. Pastors who claim that anyone who sleeps more than 6 hours a night is being a sluggard. Pastors who preach that anyone who decides to remain single is sinning. Pastors who preach that anyone who has a glass of wine, even at a wedding, is sinning. It goes on and on and on. Control, control, control. We can't expect non-Christians, who are allowed on this forum, to act more godly than the average evangelical pastor. Which of TOL's 10 commandments do you think Stuu broke?
    Did Amiel commit blasphemy? I don't think he even came close to it. I think he was thanking God (literally).
    I tried to clear my PMs without success so was not able to send you this response to the following:

    I think I accidentally deleted the wrong post. You may need to repost what you had

    Funny, I deleted my original reply at the same time you deleted what you did, and I have already posted another response.

    So no harm done, but thanks for letting me know. I could not figure out how two posts disappeared with the one I deleted. :chuckle:
    Please report it. Abusing the rep system isn't allowed.
    Looks like it resolved without my having to, but I'm usually reticent about reporting. Years ago it became a real smug habit and it took chrys asking me how often I did it to shake me awake on the point.

    That's really why I started Cub Reporters threads for a few years, calling them like horse races month to month, to make everyone aware of how often we had our fingers on that trigger in a humorous way.
    JR, can you change the name of one of my threads? If so, the thread titled MLB 2018 needs to be changed. Can you please change it to "St. Louis Cardinals - Cardinal Country" ?

    That way, we will never have to change again each year.
    Super Moderator , congratulations :)

    What do you find that is so offensive in my writing, AND why that you have to applaud dazed for her lack of lack of understanding?
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