Far Better To Build Immune System than Count on Vaccines


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We find over and over again that the public narratives being propagated by the mainstream media and the body politic are not true. Go figure.

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the relationship between booster rate and death rate remains tightly linked.​

so let’s take a look at what we saw:

i took the % of israel population having received the booster within the last 14 days (worry window) and plotted it against deaths per million.

we get this:

Screenshot_2021-10-07 israeli booster shot deaths update 9 26.png

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  • we have a leaky vaccine that is ineffective at best and likely counter productive in stopping spread.
  • that vaccine IS effective in mitigating severe cases and deaths (though not nearly so effective as claimed)
  • this efficacy looks to be fading over time
many see this and jump to “you need this vaccine to protect yourself and protect hospitals.”

but i see severe issues with this claim. a leaky vaccine that prevents severe cases is, in many ways, the WORST possible outcome.

such vaccines change the evolutionary gradient for a virus. instead of becoming less virulent/deadly, they can tend the other way because the maladaptiveness of killing the host is mitigated in the vaccinated population. this is exactly what happened with marek’s disease in chickens. not only is it now more lethal to them than ebola is to humans, making it one of if not THE hottest persistent disease known (killing 100% of unvaxxed birds in 10 days), but, it’s now a disease so hot that an unvaccinated chicken cannot spread it. they die too quickly. only the vaccinated birds spread the nasty strains of mareks. they’re the only ones who live long enough to shed virus.

”Thus, in accordance with the imperfect-vaccine hypothesis, vaccination enabled the onward transmission of viruses otherwise too lethal to transmit, putting unvaccinated individuals at great risk of severe disease and death”
this raises the pressing question of “is this same intensification of virus happening here?”

unfortunately, signs here point to yes.


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I call false. Here's a fact check.

Reuters does some really shoddy fact checking.

They claimed that both the Phizer and Moderna "vaccines" were fully safety tested, i.e. animal tested because they had "months" of animal testing. The facts are that all animal testing was skipped. It normally takes around 2 to 5 years to do animal testing and these "vaccines" were released in less than one year. There is no way normal testing was done because vaccine development takes at least a decade. The number of short cuts in the process of development should scare any sane person.

What killed all previous attempts at mrna vaccine development is something called "antibody dependency enhancement" (ADE). That is what stopped all previous mrna vaccine development. The vaccines looked really good until the animals were tested by the virus the were supposed to be protected against. Then the animals started getting far sicker than any animal not vaccinated that was exposed to the virus. Eighty percent plus died from ADE. That is now happening to human beings.

This is what Reuters is attempting to cover up. I'd suggest you start researching ADE. It's a very scary adverse event.