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  • Re: your timelessness post: :up: "Foreknowledge" a biblical term means, literally, knows beforehand.
    Isaiah 46:10 literally says 'declares the end from the beginning.

    John 8:58 literally uses both the terms for 'was' regarding a time Abraham walked on the earth, but 'am' when Jesus is applied to the past. Its literal. It can't go any other direction, the 'implication that isn't there' ...is there!

    How can that be an assertion? How is it not more than even a mere 'implication.' :confused: How can we carry on these conversations if no one will listen? When does it 'get' to make sense like its supposed to do? It looks clear to me,most of us. :idunno: It doesn't look like 'Greek' so why do we always get that accusation? It looks like scripture.
    way 2 go
    way 2 go
    Rev 22:13  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the First and the Last.

    literally God has no beginning or end but he has chosen to call himself Alpha and the Omega
    my point is , it's not just what he dose but who he is
    Well, that's a definite plus. How was your blood work up? Cholesterol etc.?

    Keep me posted. You're in my prayers.
    Get your blood pressure checked. Then get your blood sugar checked.

    I'm an expert on this stuff. :)
    Hi way to go, u know with 'freelight' its always fun :) - but when u respond here, click the 'View Conversation' button in lower right, then it will take us to our own dialogue page,...and respond on that page, then your response will go to my 'visitor message' wall on my profile,....otherwise, I don't know if you have responded or not, unless I actually manually visit your profile. Thanks!
    It was very funny. I laughed and laughed. Well worth one little rep when you have so many posts worth repping.
    I appreciate your persistence in this matter. I had remembered your posting that, but it took some searching for me to find it. I thought it was very insightful. ;)
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