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  • The McDonald's bit was :chuckle: worthy, by the way. Rep'd the wrong bit, if with the right reference.
    I've experienced it before, though never to this extent. He knows better. I just don't pull enough Republican levers to suit him. :chuckle: Though I nearly voted entirely that in our recent state elections, excepting a few Dems I knew and liked and was of accord with on the issues affecting their actual job performance...good grief. :eek:
    He would if he'd bother to use the Casey link I set out for him...but he seems a bit lazy in his thinking and prone to taking the path of least effort in resistance. :plain: :idunno:
    The adams apple thing was a feint ....not something worth responding was a fake attack designed to create a reaction. It is obvious you do not look like a man (anyone can see this) my response was designed to call into question Persephones ability to judge such things (for obvious reasons).
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