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  • This has been a better day then expected then. Mom came through back surgery with flying colors and the non prodigal cowboy returns. :)
    Vegas should I be worried about you btw?
    Should Messianics or Mad-ists put Israel under a yoke for the sake of neat interesting theology?
    No you have done well here.

    But please know I had not done any neg repping here either for a long time.
    Things changed for me that 's all.
    I hope it stays well for you
    Well being kind for me is a difficult discipline. I like doing it because I think it pleases God.

    But I actually feel better when the blood of my opponent is running in my mouth.

    I am telling you because you are far more complex and probably far more dangerous than I am.

    Rusha has given me three neg reps so far and has irked me to play the conflict.

    If you come after me try not to be too ferocious.
    Well, that is alright because I have indeed tried to be mean to people who tried to be mean to me.

    Not such a great thing
    just a note to say I wasn't malicious to AB in my posts to him.
    sorry you couldn't discern.
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