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  • Understandable, I was received by the same type of welcoming committee, I ended up being banned 4 times before I started to learn their devious little game, still not very good at it but I'm surviving. Good luck!
    Once again, that's YOU'RE bored. Not your. Are you a :eek:?

    You really are a pagan ain't cha?

    I'm talking the way you may understand now.
    Oh and seriously, thanks for point out a mistake I made when trying to respond to Town Heretic. I'll try not to make the mistake I've seen you make at least 3 times. :rotfl: I've deleted it and will now do it properly. You really should have thanked me too, I truly was not laughing at you when I pointed that out to you, I've seen that many people do that and Town Heretic is the one that taught me how NOT to do that. Ta Ta!
    I'm still laughing at you giving my Bible quote a red, thinking it was me that wrote it but was quoting the Bible. Read the Bible you pseudo-Christian and you might know more. Romans 12:2 :eek: I didn't write that. I believe it was Paul. So you gave Paul a red reputation. LOLOLOLOL

    Your testosterone is getting the better of you now, I'm not even reading your aggressive PMs. You're not worth my time. :rotfl:
    I'm glad to hear you are doing better, I worry about people at times like that. Everything is going wonderfully with me, still have a few members here trying to create heartburn but they are just mislead and confused :chuckle:

    Glade to have you back!

    May the wind be always at your back, the warmth of the sun upon your face, your path rise gently before you and may you be in heaven a fortnight before the devil knows your gone.
    Ummmmmmm this is public. Ummmmmm I have never emailed you.

    When you say public, you mean I should start a thread telling you how to converse properly on your profile? :rotfl:

    If you're aware of that, then why did you do it? You weren't aware of it, your pride won't let you admit it.
    Did you know that unless you click, "view conversation" the person you're responding to doesn't get your message unless they come to your profile to see that you responded. Thought you might want to know. I see twice you've talked to yourself in your profile now. Just thought I'd mention it. Was bored and came to your profile.

    #1 I love it when some one is direct in their statements, it is easier for me to understand.

    I am direct and pointed in my remarks (some consider it mean) but I do not posses the ability to be as diplomatic and controlled as you are! Thanks.

    #2 Yes we can!
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