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  • In any event, I love you, whether I always do a good job of it or not (and the over under is on the not at present). But you're right. I think there's more that we can't know through this medium than we ever will and so much going on under our respective surfaces that influences the waves.
    Me too, TM! You shouldn't have to go through this without support via prayer or anything else I can do. Keep us informed.
    I think you missed all of us then. And that's too bad, because that's precisely the sort of thing I like to encourage when I make a thread like that. I think given what you've only just related to me it may be that you're simply not in a position to judge things clearly, which is understandable. I have you in my prayers on the point, but I had no idea about your daughter.

    That said, feel free to PM me here if you ever wonder about what's going on or to let me know what's going on with you.
    I appreciate that ... not too many people do any more. The good news is it makes you appreciate your direct family that much more.
    nothing small ... I've spent the last 8 years trying to reform a corrupt town and I just realized it was the equivalent of trying to play pickup sticks with my butt cheeks ... time to move on and time for the family to stop suffering for my efforts.
    Honestly, it's forgotten as far as I'm concerned. I'm still here. :e4e:
    Yes, I think it's 'Windows paranormal explorer version 8.7' with a warning that additional ghosts may come along with it...:D
    Maybe, but I'll bet it doesn't have an address bar that has a poltergeist in it where it can type out random letters and screws up getting on the internet...it's only been today where I'm hopefully thinking it's sorted itself out...:freak:
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