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  • Haha! I'm glad you liked that it was something I hoped would cause some thought among certain people ;) .
    Please don't give me a pos rep for laughing at silly deceptions.
    You want me to feel guilty?

    Please, please put me on ignore as TH and that other berry butted buffoon told you to do, ok?

    If you can please remove any trace of me from your memory then do that.

    Think about you instability instead of wasting time with me.

    I think you sinned against your own conscience when you attacked me. So think how bad it would be if you thought your smelling like rotten fish was ok to me? That is how it is.

    I think you and Rusha are abhorrent.

    I will give you your pos rep back as best I can if you will just agree to ignore me.

    thanks if you will do this
    Thunder Muse
    I am very much afraid to talk to you, lol.

    You probably remember when you barked at me out of meanspirited spitefulness.
    Or maybe you don't?
    You may remember other ugly things coming out of your mouth to me - but maybe not those either?

    Well, when I threw that barking you did back at you on AB's thread several were upset about that.

    Especially Rusha who has already given me three neg reps for talking to you!
    Since I haven't posted anything to you after that one about your barking I figure she simply means the barking one.
    Otherwise she can't tell time, right? lol.

    So I hope it gives you a little laugh.
    She has given me three neg reps and may give more!
    All be cause I brought up how you barked at me.

    I really do believe if you could have hurt me without embarrassing yourself you would have been fine and happy. (Or at least finer and more happy.) And of course she would be fine too, right?

    So anyway rejoice, little one, maybe it will help a little.
    I'm so incredibly flawed, like a defect in my very DNA that makes it impossible for me to get anything right.

    I withdraw and keep it to myself. That's wrong.

    I reach out and that's wrong.

    What's the point?
    I'm not here right now. I'm busy contemplating my navel....or is it suicide? I can't tell.

    I'm so tired of the daily fight. I'm so tired of fighting with myself. I so desperately wish I could just lay down and give up but my damn survival instict won't let me.

    I try and try but I just never get it right.

    People expect me to be something I'm not. The trouble is, I don't know who I am...I just know I can't be who they want me to be.

    Today is one of those dark days where I find myself asking...did I do something really bad to deserve being me or am I just the butt of a bad joke?
    This delusional American brain has many things to do also............

    I do find posting on this forum to tell people of my own experiences and the things I have gone though important though.

    Not sure what your "delusional Aussie brain" comment meant.
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