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  • excellent, the land of Argatha and very advanced humanoids are rumored to live deep underground, some seeing craft leave to and from, and from the ocean.
    Hi quince,...just brushing up the definition,....if you're referring to those who live deep underground, or in Ufology those beings that live within the earth (humanoid, etc.). Will check it out :surf:
    It's a whole different kind of love, and there's nothing like it.

    And if you think she has you wrapped around her tiny little finger now, just wait until she's about 2 /12 and she asks you for something with those great big eyes. :chuckle:
    Nah, I just assumed life intervened. It's a chat forum. If we get too serious here or about here then doom on us. :) Great news on the family front and good on you and the Mrs. :cheers: Hope you're on the mend.
    Quincy! I'm so happy to see you. :)

    Congratulations on your new little girl, I knew she was due and was worried that everything was okay. I'm so happy for you, and glad you're feeling better now.
    Hey, Delmar is in. So do you still have the general Q with the ten tacked on? I know you wouldn't want to ask him about his username, which is his name and figured you'd noodle out whatever differences you want in your set.
    I wouldn't blame you. I've made another post but it'll likely be my last there as it's just pointless the way it's going. :e4e:
    End of school, at any rate. I think she's enjoyed the trek, but with a little time between semesters now she has projects that need attending and the urge to stretch her legs, clear her head and get away from the myopic world of forum life...if you can imagine. :)
    I think the only thing that will change that view is actual experience...he's in for a wake up call if that actually comes about...
    No, it most certainly isn't...:chuckle:

    Well, then again, it can be also. I can see why I've been absolutely attracted to women. With one such woman she was as nuts about music as I was and deeply passionate about it, as well as films, had a wicked sense of humour and a very compassionate side as well as being striking. I would have been having words with my subconscious if I didn't feel strongly towards her....:chuckle:
    Reminds me a little of Meshak at the outset, given most of his attacks appear to come wrapped in his "I was/but now" bits that, cumulatively, move me toward concluding this is another contestant for this year's Holy-Off. :)

    Old Yeller? :chuckle:
    And I'd like to harangue every HOF member. They really all should be in there. Might have to go through an intermediary on some :chuckle:
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