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  • I don't think my attention span would match up with Congressional life. :) Delmar isn't out on the interview but he has a lot on his plate and wants a few months to take care of that.
    Have I noticed? Possibly. Once or twice. :chuckle:

    It totally shuts down any kind of discussion but you know, I think that's exactly what they want.

    When all the calmer voices have wandered off there won't be anything left except an amen corner and a padded room for the crazies.
    Haven't heard from Delmar yet...in the meantime I was thinking we should consider querying Caledvwlch and/or GFR. The former being a long, long time member recently returned to active participation and the latter being something of a Balzacian wunderkind. What say you?
    It's one reason I always had a hard time appreciating a few teams who had loud, obnoxious spokesmen. I don't know if I disliked Sherman's graceless winning more or his disappearing loser bit. Add the Beast and his "Thanks for asking" face of a press conference. That's why I hate "The U". I think it promoted a classless mentality.
    Not Pete. He's a good guy. Russell too, as far as I can tell. But I can't stand Sherman and a few of his defensive guys. Just not my cup of tea. :nono: And I'm a lifetime AFC guy, so, you know. :)
    Yeah, the fussing and the waking up at night. :eek:

    But I can tell you're totally immersed in parenting, and totally in love with that little girl. :)
    Have you been telling her about TOL again? :eek:

    :chuckle: Okay, seriously.. (although I was being serous now that I think about it) teething time is on the way. :)
    I'll tell him. Since I always formatted and had to unlock the vault might as well save a step. :cheers:
    Will he send it to you or me? I suppose if to you then you'll send it to me so I can put it in the archive....damned illusive Pimpernel, what? :poly: And I just knew that friends list would come in handy...I used to use it to go about nudging dormant friends and the old swim game, but Jack has put an end to more of that than not.
    Hey, did I tell you Delmar gave a green light to being interviewed? Are you still interested in dusting one off...that didn't sound right, did it...well, that aside, if you want to and still have a copy of my ten to tack on it would be nice to see a few names added to the list. Caledvwich would be a good get to, I think.
    Thanks, I just figured it out. I'm now going to go through a clumsy period where I constantly scroll up on the mouse wheel instead of down when I want to remember what I'm arguing about. :chuckle:

    But thanks :cheers:
    I'm so glad you're an involved father. You'll never, ever regret it and yes, it's absolutely bonding. So many good moments ahead for you. :)
    Don't be sad. :)

    Just enjoy every minute of it, and don't wish yourself out of whatever stage she's currently in, she'll be out of it eventually and you'll be left wondering where the time went.

    Having kids is the most amazing thing. I hope you enjoy each stage with her, you lucky guy - even the teen years. :)
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