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  • Shot an inquiry to Delmar, but there are a few, like Totten L. quip, Levolor. I'd still like to take another shot at kmo. I'd say anna but she's off now until Sept, at least after today. Anyone you think might be an interesting get. It just feels like it's time to add a few.
    We really should pick a few of the newer kids and give them a shot at joining the interview archive, don't you think?
    Before I see what you write back to my horrid post _ I was thinking of your head as being hard and round, a hard head like the fruit. It looks wrong I know - now. But I didn't see it before.
    Definitely going to do another 'non-dualism' thread,...I'm re-reading and meditating upon Ramana Maharshi's "40 verses on reality", which I shared in my older 'Non-Duality' thread with commentary....its a great 'primer' in 'Advaita', and is the direct-path approach to truth as the 'Self',...the all seeing "I"....that reality which is luminous presence, or awareness itself, apart from which nothing exists. I Am that :)
    Hi quince,....the ole 'Jesus is God' debates are getting old,....but this has been a 'hot potatoe' for nearly 2 millennia.......the 'Arian Controversy' continues. Anyways,....looking to get some older threads more in our 'wheel-house' revived or making some new ones :) - kinda leave the baggage behind. Any ideas,....or older threads you might be interested in reviving? Just a heads up,....to think about.
    Unfortunately it's an example of just how effective some of these scams can actually be...despite the absurdity...
    They're border collies, not labs, so they're probably looking for something to herd instead of retrieve. :)

    I used a variation on that with my dog, it was a can with pennies in it. It sort of worked... but she was a very willful dog. :chuckle: I miss her. :eek:
    Yes...I'm quite generous giving a person opportunity to engage dialogue, but if they persist in negative, unkind, hateful, inane behavior without changing...One has to leave that for the sake of their own well-being. Tolerance has its limits when wrongful behavior crosses the line. Some are unaware of the power of their words which are karmic seeds they must eventually harvest to their good or ill effects. Why not be liberated in love?
    You must be good with dogs then, to have them trained pretty well already. They do have insane amounts of energy and they're really smart, too. You're lucky!

    You're right, I'm not on here so much these days and yes, it's a good thing. Too much TOL is unhealthy. :eek:

    I'm always happy to see you though. :)
    Hey Quincy! :)

    Border collies... plus a baby on the way. You're brave. :)

    Those dogs are amazing though. I'll bet you're having fun.
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