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  • Freelight, I hope you had a exceptional Thanksgiving also. Lots of good food around here. I am going to have to put in an extra pushup or two to get back to me again. God's Best 4 U!!
    Hi Michael, how are you? Thanks for forgiving me about the thread, I was only kidding anyway. How is AZ, they voted for Trump !!! I'm so happy
    Hey patrickj, hope you are doing wonderfully!! We did it!! Trump won against insurmountable odds. Isn't life awesome. And the Cubs won also. I prayed to God for both things and it happened. Looking forward to hearing from you. I can only put so much into the Chatbox, but I can't get back to it easily, because I'm stuck answering posts on my thread. God Bless You PJ!!
    I'm really disappointed that you can't even donate 25 dollars - that really tells me something about you. I hope you still have a healthy year and nothing bad happens to you. Much love in Christ
    TOL-A-THON needs you this year Michael, I don't know how else to put it. Surely you can donate something. I am donating 25.00 on Friday. I know you're good man and you like TOL, we need you here.
    Dear patrick jane,
    I still don't know how to send Visitor Messages. I know I'm suppose to click on View Conversation so that i can read what I've written to you and you also get the message on your end. Do you know what I'm saying here? Any suggestions??
    Thank you for taking the time to open the thread. Patrick Jane has now taken the baton. You are welcome to participate. I will likewise ban anyone from the thread who derails the thread with unnecessary personal attacks.
    I went through your visitor messages and pruned them of the ones that were unwelcome comments.
    You attend Thomas Road Baptist Church? I watch them on tv in Reidsville, NC. :D Have a wonderful day Michael.
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