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  • Thanks for the insight, Levelor. My daughter is type 1, insulin-dependent since age 6, now age 23. I'll have to look into the dark chocolate... that's a new one. I'm not diabetic, but I've lived the life of a diabetic. There is a distinct genetic component to type 1, but I've long been fascinated with molecular genetics from a fairly layman's perspective. Undoubtedly, diabetes would have been healed in Jesus' day, and I do long for His glorious return! The cold hard fact is the faith-healers can't handle genetic reconstructions, and John 9:1, 2, 3, 4, and Acts 3:2 clearly point to genetic miracles, not broken bones. They were genetic healers in those days, Levelor. Medicine can't do genetic reconstructions, most certainly the faith healers can't. Jesus performed telepathic healing healing the centurion's friend and the vexed daughter. This notion lends insight that our bodies will be changed when He returns.

    Bless you, Levelor! Amen!
    Thanks for asking, Levelor. She's hanging in there. She lost a 3-month gestation son this past summer, an 8-month gestation son about three years ago. Can't say such losses don't impact folk. Take care and know I appreciate you, Levelor. We do not grieve as those who have no hope. I mourn for His return, and await a grand reunion!
    Has a lot of both of us in him. And he's more photogenic, though the live camera loves his mother (she was on local network news as part of an arts council bit).
    No, I haven't checked back into the chatbox, just caught a dialogue or question u were having, and thought to throw that out, to see if it grabbed. I could be shooting up the wrong tree :) You seemed to be having issues in posting, so said the 'preview mode' function is great for that. I'll chime back in chat ;)
    Thank you for checking in on me, Levolor. I am improving. It's slow going but I was finally able to sleep some last night. The chest pain has decreased immensely so God has heard the prayers on my behalf and granted some healing. The congestion in my chest is breaking up and I'm able to take deeper breaths. Baruch HaShem and thank you, thank you! :)

    Family finances we should know more about after this week. I'll keep you informed!
    I'll have to take a look at a cool educational tool we have that shows the Armor of God. I'll put it by the computer.
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