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  • Mysticism is often misconceived by conservatives. I've stayed away from ECT forum for a while....being too liberal for them.....but do chime in from time to time.
    Please keep my family and I in prayer. Serious issues. I can't post much right now. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
    Hi Levolor
    I don't remember talking about spirits. I was slapping MADs about a bit and felt the whole thing pointless, so took some time out. It was word based mystic and his testimony thread that brought me back earlier than anticipated, but not spending too much time here.

    Do you remember anything about what was discussed? I don't remember much about dark spirits.
    Thank you,
    I have not been well and going away for awhile. I will get back to you
    hello levolor. i always spell ur name right. jk thank you for your positive, uplifting and Spirit Filled encouragement to all of us. i can speak for many people when i say "we love you" ! ! ! God Bless
    Gosh, I'm mortified it took me so long to see that. :shocked:
    I don't know why it isn't bronze. I noticed that too. Maybe it has something to do with my membership being a gift. :idunno: All I know is I'm grateful.
    Happy to hear you're on the mend and yes, Jack is going to be a Mensa baby when they get around to testing him. I'm sure of that. His mother tests in the high gifted range and his grandparents have a scientist and a professor among them, so he has good genes and lots of creative encouragement.
    Back in preschool and doing fine. He's reading well beyond his peer group and growing like a weed...I may be in trouble eventually. :eek: How goes it with you?
    Hi Levolor, you said you would like to read more of my posts. After a few day's reprieve I have been writing on the thread "Our Triune God." I started in the early morning hours of 2/21. I will not be offended at all if that is not a topic of interest to you. I have been following your posts and really appreciate your charitable nature. This is place a breading ground for decadent behavior. Grace to you, Thomas
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