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  • hi dia,...seems 'trs' is dissolved/disbanded,....so not sure how many original members are gonna keep up the recommended reps,...I'm taking it more liberal now but do generally try rep back all those who rep me,...the massive multiple reps maybe not, but will get some out. I've heard no word from amr about what happened, and at this point will just carry on doing reps as I see fit. your thoughts?
    very good! wow, -----you've done over 10 ;) I maxxed out earlier for my daily 24 hr. allotment. Have to wait a bit for next rounds :surf:
    hi dia,....there is the "keep a word, change a word" thread...that I've been trying to add to more often to make more posts available to rep ;) its in the "and the Rest" section
    In order to become a full-fledged, card carrying Calvinist, you
    must 'jettison' ALL logic and reason then, you must change the
    character and intent of the God of the Bible to FIT your false
    doctrine! That's the whole truth of the matter!
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