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  • It still says you have exceeded your storage limit. Check your sent mail file also, as everything you send is also kept on file so that you can review what you yourself have sent to other people. Your sent PM's may even be more than what shows in your received box. Those also need to be cleared out from time to time because they count toward your storage limit. In other words you could only have five PM's in your inbox but your sent mail could be taking up the remainder of your storage limit. :)
    Hmmm, no, I meant here, must be a glitch:
    I will try to send that PM again, (I saved it).
    Hi RBBI, I tried to reply to one of your PM's but your mail box is full, (you will need to delete some old emails before it will allow you to receive any more).
    Hi RBBI, I see you are getting acquainted with the "finer points" of this message board. Any way I just tried to PM you and it says your mailbox is full: now I guess you will need to figure out how to delete some older private messages too, (good luck with that also, but I do not think this contraption will allow you to respond to my last PM until you clear up some room, that is, if you have it set to save a copy of your sent PM's, lol). :)
    Hi RBBI,....if/when u respond to this message,..click the 'View Conversation' button in the upper right which will take us to our own dialogue page....then whatever you post on that page (our personal dialogue page)....will go to my Visitor message page,...so I will see your response. Otherwise, like your last post here, it didn't get to my profile page. Give it a try? :)
    Just now figured out this is a visitor message from you....don't understand the "fine points" of this board, yet....
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