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31 years old driving a B train and "passed out" at the wheel ... because climate change

way 2 go

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Inb4 they backtrack on this due to an inability to maintain their power grid, and their shipping infrastructure, among other things.... Or the next administration rescinds it...


A thought just occurred to me...

If they're banning diesel-powrred heavy trucks, then that means that diesel fuel stations will leave, because there's no profit to be made off of diesel sales, or they'll have to convert their facilities to be able to charge truck power cells instead of filling tanks, (which will probably be extremely expensive, and likely not worth it, especially for larger truck stops), or to only providing compressed natural gas (which, as far as I'm aware, is the only real alternative to purely electric trucks), which is also EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE: a combined fuel,return on investment (ROI).

We're talking up to $40,000 just to retrofit a single Class 8 truck, which already cost upwards of $50,000 used, over $100,000 new, depending on the spec needed.

What will this do to the rest of the nation's diesel prices? And what effect will that have on the economy as a whole?

Diesel costs for smaller vehicles will likely go up, since the volume of diesel entering California will decrease significantly (perhaps more than even the largest of the oil-fields in the state could keep up with)...

Whatever effect it will have, if they succeed in banning heavy diesel trucks, I predict that their economy will tank, prices will skyrocket due to carriers passing the cost onto their customers (shippers and consignees, not individuals) who will then pass the increased cost onto their customers (stores and/or consumers), it'll make everyone's lives more difficult.

No, this is an utterly terrible move, and will only serve to destroy California even further.

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It doesn't appear that there's any provision for people using their handheld device for directions