Pope Apologizes to Satan!


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I think Knight learned his style from Michael Moore, here.

I think Knight learned his style from Michael Moore, here.

Though nearly two years old, there is some amusing irony in how and why it was started. It reeks of the same sensationalism and deception of a Michael Moore Liberal Fairy Tale.
Change words to make them say what you want.

There is no apology anywhere in this article, for what was read to the crowd: The Pope was sorry for the reaction it caused. Aren't we all sorry when innocent people are hurt or killed?

"The Pope told a crowd at his summer retreat at Castle Gandolfo, ltaly, he was "very upset and sorry" his remarks had caused such a reaction."

Does that sound like an apology? In fact, the Pope never took back what he said, only that he regretted the reaction. This is obvious by the fact, Muslims are still asking for that apology today. Further in the article, the pope goes onto condemn holy wars and jihads, saying they are incompatible with the nature of God. I think the devil would be applauding Jihads and Holy Wars, don't you?

Meanwhile, Muslims continue to burn images of the Pope in effagy for not making the actual apology fantasized by Knight and the wishful imagination of other anti-Catholics who put their foot right in their own mess.