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The biggest event of the year!

January 1st is the day of the biggest event of the year on, yes, it's the 2008 Posts of the Year awards with your host, Knight (that's me). As you know every year (since 2002) I countdown the greatest posts made on TOL every year. You may ask yourself "how are these posts picked"? Well, the picking goes something like this.... I round-up all the Post of the Day picks that I have made each year and then I order them by the ones I think are the very best and so on. I also may pick posts that weren't picked as Posts of the Day yet are still worthy of being awarded a Post of the Year. So just because you haven't had a Post of the Day doesn't mean you will not get a Post of the Year!

Throughout the day on January 1st 2009 (and in this thread) I will be slowly releasing the winners. I will also be placing every winning selection in this post so you can easily find all of this years winner.

Before we get started you may want to take a trip down memory lane.....
Posts of the year from 2002
Posts of the year from 2003
Posts of the year from 2004
Posts of the year from 2005
Posts of the year from 2006
Posts of the year from 2007

The past winners have been:
2002 - Jaltus :first: and Paul DeYonghe :second:
2003 - Turbo :first: 1Way :second: and Sozo :third:
2004 - 1Way :first: Shadowx :second: and Clete :third:
2005 - Eowyn :first: Poly :second: and Clete :third:
2006 - Turbo :first: Poly :second: and pastorkevin :third:
2007 - ApologeticJedi :first: Poly :second: and centrist101 :third:

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Good luck to all the TOL'ers that are in the running.


The WORST POSTS of 2008

:second: 2. Dave miller says do whatever is in your heart, even if it is wicked and perverted.

We have seen this a lot over the years on TOL, when smart folks such as STP and Pettrix get so focused on a point of theology that they lose focus and let one aspect of their world-view cloud their vision to the extent that they end up making ridiculous statements about right and wrong. We saw this a couple years ago when Hilston claimed celebrating Christmas was "worse than abortion". It was nice to see Hilston retract that assertion this year.

This years, worst post(s) of the year goes to....

:first: 1. STP and Pettrix/Maximus stoop to the lowest possible level.

The two small excerpts noted above were taken from a much more detailed thread and conversation here. STP and Pettrix were trying to argue that the only thing we as Christians should be doing in life is preaching the gospel even to the extent that neither one of them would admit (without equivocation) that we should help a lady being raped in a parking lot.

The Top 5 Threads of 2008!

5. Great smack from start to finish in this thread....
Who died on the cross?

4. Watch the "random chancers" squirm! I don't like awarding myself anything but this thread is a MUST READ!!!
Signals from space aliens or random chance?

:third: 3. Watch the pro-public school Christians get spanked like a 4 year old at K-Mart. When this thread gets rolling it REALLY gets rolling! Great stuff (but also tragic)
Trimming The Weed - Public Schools

:second: 2. No matter what your opinion was on the outcome this "tag team" debate this Battle Royale was awesome!!!
Presidential Election 2008 - Is it Immoral to Vote for McCain/Palin? Battle Royale XIII

And number 1 goes to....

:first: 1. Life by fives: MaryContrary's testimony. If you only have time to read one thread on TOL this year, make it be this one, it will blow you away!


2008 Honorable Mentions

60. Turbo is great at tying up all the lose ends

59. philosophizer lays down some great smack.

58. Berean Todd tells us where he stands.

57. GuySmiley cracks me up

56. ApologeticJedi points AMR in the right direction

55. Ask Mr. Religion pokes fun at himself

54. The Graphite tries one more time to show Tetelestai that his Calvinist glasses are blinding him.

53. Town Heretic explains why abortion and slavery are a good comparison

52. GuySmiley notes the common designer

51. chatmaggot points bybee to her missing standard

The Top 50 Posts of 2008

50. Lighthouse takes time to talk time about time

49. Sozo explains Jesus nature

48. Pettrix demonstrates dispensational truths

47. The Graphite asks... where's the "vote against Obama" button?

46. PastorKevin explains that you cannot be considered "Condemned" by God and at the same time have any type of reconciliation with God.

45. Sozo shows the importance of Jesus nature.

44. Turbo explains home protests to Granite

43. lucky urns a spot in this years Post of the Year Awards.

42. Town Heretic implores Koban to consider the need for drastic measures

41. Poly: regarding Carrie Underwood...

40. ApologeticJedi bursts Traditio's Aristotle-bubble

39. Stripe gives us a TV Guide version of AMR's post

38. Patman Pickles Pekkle

37. Stripe the odds maker :rotfl:

36. Bob Enyart helps Johnny understand entropy

35. Town Heretic: Death Camps are indeed similar to abortion mills

34. Wamba knows his limitations

33. CRASH crushes the "states rights" proponents

32. Mystery appeals to the Smackadelphian Council

31. fool nails the UAW.

30. rbdeli ponders if contraception has been good for society

29. Lion roars OSAS

28. The Berean has a great TOL top 10 list

27. Psalmist paints a beautiful picture

26. Stripe makes one of the funniest posts in the new TOL dispensation

25. The Graphite talks about the Living God

24. MaryContrary demolishes Jukia

23. chickenman on Mick Jagger auditioning for American Idol

22. Rusha rules chestertonrules

21. The Berean smacks fdpatterson upside the head.

20. a heart felt post by Becky to Doogie

19. Vaquero45 explains how to be Proud of the Determinist's God

18. Prolifeguyswife talks about God's real attributes

17. Lion brilliantly describes Jesus becoming flesh

16. Nineveh shows that the Gospel is only complicated if you want it to be.

15. The assuranceagent channel

14. Becky wants you to read her 3D Bible

13. Town Heretic records TomO and the waitress

12. chickenman finds a hidden message

11. Becky can say so much with so few words. (that's what Truthsmakin is all about!)

10. Psalmist promotes TOL in his own style
Psalmist, is one of TOL's most beloved members, and nobody... and I mean nobody can hold a candle to Psalmist's formatting skills! We appreciate Psalmist so much and his dedication to our forum is beyond compare.

9. chatmaggot smacks 9 with one swipe!
chatmaggot's consistent style places him in this years top 10. Check out how he proves his point by using his opponents words against them.

8. The Graphite tells us about Satan
The Graphite has been around TOL for years under different usernames but this year was a strong year for this long time TOLer and he might be solidifying himself as one of the elite posters on TOL.

7. Town Heretic crushes the moral relativists
I must admit that many of Town Heretic's posts fly right over my head but that doesn't mean that he isn't one of the most witty, intelligent, thought provoking posters on TOL. Great stuff!

6. ragTagblues confesses his TOL addiction
ragTagblues comes out of nowhere and hits us with one of the most hilarious posts ever written on TOL. This post is a TOL classic and a "must read" for any TOL-a-holic.

5. fool plans his leadership role as the TOL admin
fool is a TOL "adversary" who "gets it", he knows and understands what TOL is all about. Not to mention he has a great sense of humor and entertains us throughout the year with some clever, funny, and often times SPOT ON observations.

4. Turbo absolutely obliterates Doogies misconceptions
If there were a TOL poster Hall of Fame Turbo would likely be the very first inductee. Nobody in the history of TOL has made more accurate and interesting posts. Turbo has a way of "boxing in" his opponent like no one else.

:third: At number 3....
3. Bob Enyart lifts one little muscle to crush an evolutionists claims.
Bob Enyart and Johnny had a very fun One on One thread regarding entropy and evolution and if you don't have time to read the entire thread please take the time to check out this one post from Bob, because it is a TOL masterpiece!

:second: At number 2....
2. The Graphite and Godsfreewill show how McCain "pro-lifers" act like "politicians and defense attorneys".
In 2008 TheologyOnline hosted Battle Royale XIII: Presidential Election 2008: Is it Immoral to Vote for McCain/Palin? Which was a fantastic battle and was also TOL's very first "tag-team" Battle Royale. Both teams gave a ton of effort which made for a very exciting debate, yet the final post in the Battle authored by the team of Godsfreewill and The Graphite stole the show and earned them the number 2 spot in this years countdown.


:first: At number 1....
1. Yorzhik shares a great post about standing up for the innocent and adds one extremely powerful sentence.

Yorzhik does a masterful job driving home the point, what do we win when we compromise on our principles to gain political victory? In this years Post of the Year Yorzhik asks... "And all the other right wing Christians voting for McCain - will you be raising that blood red finger to the camera and smiling?"

WOW!!! Classic line that sends shivers down my spine!!!

And in a very real way, that seems to be a great description of the state of the battle for good vs. evil in 2008. Do we compromise on principle for the sake of winning? Or do we stand firm on God's word and risk the consequences?

Thank you Yorzhik for you inspiring post and congratulations to all of this years winners!!

The TOP 35 Posters of 2008
These rankings are awarded based on a points system i.e., points are awarded on the results of the Posts of the Year. The higher the poster placed in the Post of the Year the more points they were awarded. If the poster showed up more than one in the Posts of the Year they accumulated more points!

#35 philosophizer
#34 Berean Todd
#33 AMR
#32 Lighthouse
#31 Pettrix
#30 GuySmiley
#29 Pastor Kevin
#28 lucky
#27 Poly
#26 Wamba
#24 ApologeticJedi
#23 Mystery
#22 Sozo
#21 rbdeli
#20 MaryContray
#19 Rusha
#18 Vaquero45
#17 Prolifeguyswife
#16 Nineveh
#15 assuranceagent
#14 ragTagblues
#13 Stripe
#12 chatmaggot
#11 The Berean
#10 Yorzhik
#9 Lion
#8 Turbo
#7 Bob Enyart
#6 Psalmist
#5 fool
#4 Chickenman
:third: #3 Becky/Prisca
:second: #2 Town Heretic
:first: #1 The Graphite
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I made it clear up to number 14 last year, but I'm not sure I told anyone they were dumber than a bag of hammers this year, so I don't know.


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I just want to let you know that you're the greatest site administrator in the whole world. Need any coffee? Maybe a newspaper and some comfy slippers?

Just let me know if you need anything.

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I just want to let you know that you're the greatest site administrator in the whole world. Need any coffee? Maybe a newspaper and some comfy slippers?

Just let me know if you need anything.

Yours truly,

Randy, Head of the Clan o' the Chicken :chicken:
Hmmmm... I am starting to see the value in such contests. :think:

Do the words "Aged Asiago Cheese" mean anything to you? :chew:


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Knight already told me (in private, of course) that I wrapped up the number one spot. Sorry to ruin the surprise, folks, but I couldn't keep it to myself. :p

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If the most recent year's winners are any indication, this year's winners will owe me some small tributes (Punch Maduro wrapper cigars, and Single Barrel Jack Daniels) for their accolades. I'm just sayin'. ;)


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Here they come . . . :BRAVO:

The first 100 number one's . . .

:roses: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :bow: :first: :roses:

Knight, "You wouldn't, not 100 :first: 's"

Psalmist, " :think: Not really, :nono: "

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Hmmmm... I am starting to see the value in such contests. :think:

Do the words "Aged Asiago Cheese" mean anything to you? :chew:
Ah, yes. Indeed it does. Check your mail the day after the contest is over.

The future's so bright...:cool:


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If the most recent year's winners are any indication, this year's winners will owe me some small tributes (Punch Maduro wrapper cigars, and Single Barrel Jack Daniels) for their accolades. I'm just sayin'. ;)

It appears that Calvinists have good taste at least. :think:


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Is there an award for gayest avatar?

I think K$ is in the running.... :D