Is Jesus coming soon?


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To call the ambassadors home before the outbreak of hostilities.

To call the ambassadors home before the outbreak of hostilities.

So what? At the time of the flood the gospel of the grace of God was completely unknown and remained so for a very long time.

Can God not do things God's way?
Huh? Where do you come up with "the outbreak of hostilities"? The outbreak of hostilities here on earth took place in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were it's first victims. The devil has been at war with us ever since. He's killed us by the billions and gotten us to kill each other by the billions.

Christ won the war on Calvary. The devil has been a defeated foe since then, but the final battles had/have yet to be fought. Paul and Silas sang songs of victory after being thrown in prison. Every one of the apostles suffered persecution and or death. Millions of Christians have been martyred whether it being tossed to the wild animals, burnt at the stake, tortured to death in the Inquisition, etc.... And you don't think hostilities have yet started? How can that be?

Of course God can, and will, do things His way. I just don't agree with you as to what "God's way" actually is. It seems to me you've shown a fair amount of ignorance on that subject when you say hostilities have yet to begin. I'd say hostilities have been going since before the Garden of Eden and the final acts will be God putting an end to hostilities, not beginning them.