Global Warming er um Climate Change FRAUD

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The climate-change movement is a powerful cultural entity. It does not affirm or negate the reality of its core narrative, which is for science to decide. Culture does, however, explain the power and prevalence of the narrative, the political and societal responses to it and the apparent willingness of many people to incur immense cost to avert a supposed existential threat, without proof of either its existence or our ability to alter its impact. In a new book available from the Global Warming Policy Foundation, The Grip of Culture: the Social Psychology of Climate Change Catastrophism, Andy A. West, who works for the Philosophy Foundation in London, provides an academic analysis of the phenomenon. Its lessons have particular relevance to Canada’s climate obsession.



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Fascinating modeling and pertinent to me because it illustrates so well how little we know about planetary Dynamics

I often have this image in my mind of Jesus, the Creator, just sort of chuckling whenever today's "scientists" claim to know something about the way the universe works. There's a show on Discovery Channel called "How the Universe Works". I bet He belly laughed when that show was being put together. It feels almost like modern science wants to sound ridiculous.

ok doser

lifeguard at the cement pond


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Turns out it's quite warm around the Earth's equator (I know flat-Earthers deny there's an equator but I'm comfortable going out on this limb).

What if it gets too warm for people?

We'd expect them to try to leave, if they had the opportunity.

Turns out a lot of people who live around the equator in Latin America try to come north into America.