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For me the takeaway is that if you're going to go 160 you might as well go 260

If you didn't notice, it's a simulation... And from what I know about simulations, they can't simulate everything well. Even games like Assetto Corsa can't simulate everything (it's one of the best sim games too). The simulation you posted clearly can't simulate high speed crashes into literally immovable objects very well... Better to rely on actual real-world simulations. I recommend videos like this:

Or this:


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WATCH: Marxist Angela Davis, who teaches that America was built by racist colonizers, finds out her ancestors were on the Mayflower

Since California is looking at slavery reparations, does this mean Angela Davis has to pay Angela Davis to atone for her white ancestors' sins?
The extreme example of this that tickles me the most is Obama. His black father never encountered prejudicial discrimination in America. His white ancestors on his mother's side however, encountered severe prejudicial discrimination as Irish immigrants in the pre-civil war Northeast. But they acclimated and did own black slaves.

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There's a whole series of videos like this that I find oddly fascinating. The fellow is in the hold of a barge that is transporting bulk material. The sides of the hold are slanted and there is a conveyor belt running the length of the bottom with planks of wood over top of it that he is pulling out to allow the bulk material to flow down onto the conveyor belt and be carried out of the barge where it's discharged on land into waiting trucks