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That is a thought. Though when the thread turns into a mess of personal attacks, it gets shut down. That linked thread was too full of personal attack and baiting back and forth, so its going to stay locked.

I don't think it was a mess of personal attacks, Sherman. ok doser and I were hashing out a lot of history, it's true, but it was a discussion in my thread, which meant I wasn't derailing anyone else's thread. If he reported me at any point then I'd understand your decision better, but if he didn't, then... ? In between Wizard was having a good conversation about tariffs, and all of that going on is what makes a forum tick.

It would be nice if there was more of a median moderating place between 'absolutely no veering from the topic of the thread' and cage fighting.


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I have not posted since February. When I do the thread gets closed.
[MENTION=12969]Sherman[/MENTION], can't you remove people you see as derailing from the thread rather than closing the entire thread?


And it happened again. Respond if you'd like ok doser but I am about done with this place. I had a post created and, what do you know - thread has been closed because Stripe is trolling barbarian.
[MENTION=16942]JudgeRightly[/MENTION] - if Stripe is disrupting a thread, give him and infraction or remove him from the thread. I read that helpful tidbit in 'How to be a mod 101'

Let the adults talk.

yes, that's what i found when i googled it - i believe i provided links

in both iran and somalia, men and women were being executed for adultery


That women are disproportionately executed for crimes like adultery?

Stoning is used as a punishment for adultery, or zina. It is a method used to control the sexuality and bodies of both men and women, but women are more often the victims. The issue of stoning takes place within the much broader conversation about gender discrimination, women’s basic freedoms and culturally-justified violence against women. Simply put, women are more likely to be found guilty of adultery than men – because the hegemonic interpretations of Islamic law, personal status laws, poverty, and illiteracy among women all increase the likelihood of their conviction, either in a court of law or by the community.


I'll see if I can dig some figures from Amnesty International or others...

enough to make the comparison - in all three countries we're dealing with human beings who have similar feelings, emotions and similar reasons for marrying

This is where I strongly disagree. 45% of females are married before the age of 18 in Somalia and 8% before 15 :vomit:.

You think these unions are out of love? Somalia is wrought with forced marriage, arranged marriage, kidnapping and child marriage

These countries hardly compare to the US in any way as far as marriage goes.

ok, so we have a problem with marriage rates already in this country, for reasons unconnected*** with societal control of adultery

If adultery is criminalized to the point of execution, the marriage rate will plummet further.

That is my point.

i disagree (hence the ***) - i believe the drop in marriage rates is directly tied to the abandonment by society of controlling moral behavior, including adultery

Oh, you small government types crack me up. :D

there would certainly be fewer second marriages and third marriages and fourth marriages....

Less marriage, overall. You can't agree with that? It's rather obvious, isn't it?

Unless it hurts your position, I suppose.


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