Derailment thread for any and all derailments


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So my comment in another thread noting that if you put someone on ignore you can't see their posts quoted by others got deleted as 'thread derailment,' so I'll put it here.

For those who aren't aware, if you have someone on ignore with XenForo, you can't see their posts quoted by others, which makes it a complete ignore. This wasn't the case with the old forum software, and it's a nice feature to have now.


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ok doser

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God protects me from the kung flu by keeping me healthy and fit, not by hiding behind an ineffective mask.

God also protects me from evil doers by providing me with the means to do so which includes effective tools like an assault rifle.

A more appropriate analogy would have been an ineffective tool of protection like a squirt gun or a fly swatter.

Try to do better next time😘


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Performative theater

CA GOP Suggests 5G Trackers In Vaccines: Hilarity Ensues

Seriously, this Republican is an elected official. Republican Orange County voters are to blame for this person being in office to ask questions like this: "We heard about an injection of a tracking device. Is that being done anywhere in Orange County?"​
Dr. Chau should not have apologized for LAUGHING. But he did.​
"I'm sorry, I just have to compose myself," Chau said. "There is not a vaccine with a tracking device embedded in it that I know of, the world, period."​
Don Wagner is also a total hypocrite.​
He got his shot three weeks ago.​


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‘He’s screwed over so many publishers’: Trump confronts a skeptical book industry

The former president insists he has offers from two of the “most prestigious publishing houses.” None of the major five said they extended one.

Their reluctance is driven by several factors, though the underlying fear is that whatever Trump would write wouldn’t be truthful.

t would be too hard to get a book that was factually accurate, actually,” said one major figure in the book publishing industry, explaining their reluctance to publish Trump. “That would be the problem. If he can’t even admit that he lost the election, then how do you publish that?”