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Three days without trucks. After that, store shelves run empty, products stop being made, and fuel stations run dry.

A more methodical takedown of America has never been attempted.

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Democrats are threatening to remove security funding for Supreme Court​

Democrats are threatening to remove security funding for Supreme Court
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Well, I should have seen this coming, but I didn’t. Even I underestimate the willingness of the Democrats to use the threat of violence to force compliance with their demands.

According to both Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, 15 Democrats from the Judiciary Committee have sent a letter to the Appropriations Committee asking that funding for the security that defends the lives of the Supreme Court Justices and their families be denied until the Court buckles to the demands of the Democrats.


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killed by people, and they suffer. This is not child’s play. It is an immense act of service. They give their lives far away from home so that you can lie quietly on your couch and not have an enemy drop a bomb on you. They give their lives for your freedom.

And after what the government is doing to the most important army in the world, I hope someone will sign an agreement to forever ban Democrats from ever being allowed to lead the military. Maybe it’s time to implement a mandatory psycho-technical test for anyone seeking to lead it. And a drug test too.


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"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” Donald Trump famously said in 2016. If he realized the truth of an opposite phenomenon, he did not vocalize it.

Affirmation that he could jaywalk across Fifth Avenue and face kidnapping, rape
, or murder accusations came on Tuesday.

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The Washington Post "quote":


What Frankenstroke actually said:

Is. Is it staggering? Is it a staggering a res uh responsibility that ju that a head of a bank could literally could literally crash our economy? It’s astonishing. That’s like if you have I mean like uh uh and and they also realizes that that that now they have it’s in-, in- guaranteed, a guaranteed way to be saved again by a no matter, by no mat, by, by how? You know, so it’s, it’s, you know isn’t it appropriate that the uh that those kind of controls should be were stricter? To prevent this kind of thing from willing? Or should we just go on start bailing and sailing whoever bank regardless of how, how raaaare rare theirs their conduct is?
Who you know I’ll give you an example. Uh, the republicans want to give a work requirement for SNAP. You know for a uh uh uh uh a hungry family has to have these this kind of penalties or these some kinds of wooooord or working uh require shouldn’t you have some kind of working required suu after we sail your bank uh billions of your bank? Because you seem we were preoccupied uh when uh then SNAP uh requirements for works for uh hungry people but not about pro, protecting the tax, tax papers you know that will bail them out of whatever does about a bank to crash it. ::shrugs:: Chair.

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I have mixed feelings about this. It is a stain on their reputation that should be allowed to linger. Much like Time magazine choosing Adolf Hitler as their Man of the Year in 1938 and the Nobel Peace Prize committee awarding the 2009 prize to Barry (the Kenyan) Sotero for being a negro, these institutions should be recognized as being flawed and unworthy of respect.