Climate Change? What Climate Change?


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Protesting man-made climate change by vandalizing an exhibit featuring a creature made extinct by climate change long before the industrial revolution.

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Yes, this sort of thing tends to happen when people are given the idea that they ("the People") have some sort of control over the government.

It's literally a demand for power that they don't have the God-given authority to wield. Iow, arrogance.


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(The king hasn't said anything about that since becoming king though, right? That was right the last time I checked but maybe I missed something in meantime. At the time I understood the situation to be that now that he's the monarch, he's leaving behind partisan rhetoric, and that included climate policy. Is that still right, does anybody know?)

Climate is a partisan issue in America and in the geographic West. In polluted parts of the world, climate is the right position (like abolition was the right position in 1860), but here and in Europe and Canada, it is partisan. The people who are doing the most "damage" or "harm" to the environment should clean up their act (remove the beam from your own eye before helping me remove a speck from mine).

This is if there is a climate emergency. If there isn't a climate emergency then of course this is a boondoggle, but the polluted parts of the world should still clean up their act! Even if the climate isn't "in danger" these people still need to respect themselves enough to identify and stop the causes of their horrible pollution.

They don't see a blue sky for like years sometimes, some of these places.

But you know when that suddenly changed recently? Pandemic, early on. Everything and everybody shut down. All the sudden places like Taiwan and Hong Kong could see clear blue sky, like how most of us Americans see every day. They only saw the clear blue sky when everybody stopped doing what they were doing for a brief moment over there and in India, for example. China, for another. Clear blue sky. Like brand new. (Since that brief moment they're all back to their old tricks and the clear blue skies waved bye-bye again.)

People need to respect themselves enough to gather their political will to give themselves the perpetual gift of clear blue skies. And there is nothing we can do in America or Canada to help southeast Asians and others have clear blue skies. They have to do it themselves.

That sounds partisan but it's not. We in the West have done this, even Los Angeles has applied political power to the matter to battle their unique land formation effects. Some probably want to call that socialism, but in one case the polity is collectively rescuing each of their individual rights to see a blue sky when it's not cloudy. That's not socialism, that's intelligent, and very advanced. We each possess an individual right to see the clear blue sky when it's a cloudless day. That's a very difficult right to defend as individuals. We would "wander in the desert for 40 years" before we'd even begin to find the primary causes (polluters) of the rights violation that we'd all be experiencing.

But if we act together, constitutionally (as a government), we could find those polluters pretty quickly and then bring power to bear on them. We'd be acting as a government, meaning we could use police, and the justice system. We could get it done pretty quickly, and restore everybody's rights to see a clear blue sky when they're available.

This is not socialism. This is from defending individual, God-given rights. And that work sometimes takes a lot of effort and costs a lot in not only money but in lives sometimes (cf. the Civil War, Vietnam, WWII, etc.), so a big government isn't necessarily a socialist government.