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Well it’s not like men willfully impregnate women ...

Perhaps Chrys conveniently forgot that fact ....



Also he ascribes to the Adam and Eve model of male/female relationships: if anything goes wrong, blame the woman.

Add to his overt sexism his benevolent sexism: placing women who conform to traditional gender roles on a pedestal and revering them for his idealization of their traditional roles, and in doing so restricting them to his idealization of how women should behave.

ok doser

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That's your disgruntled sexist over-generalizing voice. :chuckle:

There are a lot of good men out there (some of who have touched my life for the better) who know better than you.

I'm merely stating what has been claimed by feminists for decades.

You'd have to be a total retard to think that I agreed with it.

stop being a total retard :chuckle: