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  • AARGH, Zoo! Previous owner sent me a text today. She was checking her notes and found where she'd bred Annie on April 3rd. She might be enceinte!
    They seem to be, although she is quite a bit bigger than he is. I imagine she could just sit on him if he gets out of line! LOL She's a full sized lop.
    Thanks Zoo! I appreciate that. I did want to tell you that I got a companion for Myrt this past weekend. I'll have to get a picture of her and post it soon. I just want her to settle in for a bit and calm down first.
    Namaste zoo! Long time no chat. I fluctuate between 'gnosis' and 'agnosis' so can certainly relate on some level, as you know I'm pretty 'multi-level' ;) How goes the journey?
    Thank you, I enjoyed the company of my youngest daughter and my grandson. I hope yours was as good.
    Football buddies? :plain: I can have conversation with someone who's told me I'm hell bound or a baby killer if they're not in the midst of doing it. It's not for everyone, but it doesn't make them my "buddies" any more than my reporting Nick and objecting publicly to his acting like a putz makes him an enemy. I think life is more complicated than that and I think you know that, or should.
    Thank you for your rep. I did think that you meant the moderators, but wanted to make sure everyone knew that it was the mods.

    That banning was very welcome! Even if it was late. The bans have become so whimsical and increasingly unfair, but his was deserved long ago.

    It was even said by a mod that they cringed over comments like that. It should tell them something! lol But... no. Not listening to our consciences and ignoring them is what makes a person callous, unconscionable.
    I found another Christ centered forum that I couldn't make it through 97 posts before I quit. So I went back to my original Christian Forum and found the forum now lacking of personality. I had a post questioned for no good reason. In other words, they weren't the people I've grown fond of here at TheologyOnline. If one of my posts gets questioned here, especially one of my last ones, I'll understand. aCultureWarrior brings out the worst in me.

    Oh, and thank you for the positive reps.
    That sounds nice. I also like low-key birthdays. Have a good time. What piqued your interest in Japanese incense? I've never used incense.
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