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  • :cheers: I hope life is treating you kindly. You wouldn't believe the shirt storm of threads and posters circling me these days. It's almost funny. Trad has joined in the Axis of Ignorance and he and zip and sod are having a high time of it, I suppose.

    It's hard to tell when they're happy. :think:
    Good morning Zoo. It's coffee time for me. I miss you very much. You're one of the good guys here.
    Miss you, friend. The bunnies have come back to our yard this year! They are lolling about everywhere! :)
    Regarding your note. It is odd to me that the management here cannot see what is happening under their noses. Destruction is going on. To allow relentless malicious stalking is to make the place uninhabitable.
    ACW claims he use to be assigned to vice detail in public restrooms as a sting to catch homosexual activity. Perhaps he was just a fag they paid as an informant and now pretends he was actually a police officer.
    I hope I'm getting to him. If I can make him feel like an absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being, I will have done my job. Then maybe he'll be ready to repent.

    What he hates about me is, he knows I'm an actual Christian, and as a fake, state-worshipping, Muslim-hating, Israel-loving whore who pretends to be a Christian, I think being forced to debate a real Christian who actually believes the Bible is getting to him.
    Again, that''s fine. And good. Not trying to dispute you. That map comparison is still remarkable.
    So, Mr Zoo!
    I see here that you like Bybee too?:mmph:!

    Well then! Trying to collect older women, Mr Zoo?! :noway:
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