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  • Oh no, did I? Dad blasted...I've done that before. Well, at least my pos will undo that several times over...good grief. Consider it on the way. :eek:
    Totton: Regarding the post which you reported. It appears to me that this person is stating his own thoughts on a theologic matter? That is within the bounds of TOL propriety.
    Am I missing something?
    I think he hit me with sophist in the first year, nominated me for all the worst in 2012, but no win. 2013? Sophist. 2014? Sophist again.

    I think that after sod and eeset he probably spends more time thinking about me than anyone I've ever met. :plain:
    Hi Totton, I am doing OK. I had some surgery two weeks ago, minor stuff. I have a spinal stimulator implanted in my back and the battery finely ran out. I have had it for eleven years. So I can not complain. Hope everything is OK with you. We still disagree but that's alright with me, I know where your heart is friend.
    Totally understandable. I don't mind in the least! It's like a fresh start. For me, the journey has only just begun lol :)
    Hey Totton! I'm glad that mystery of the disappearing posts is solved. One minute I get promoted to the over 500 club and next thing I know I'm a journeyman again :D
    Thank you for your kind reply.

    May I ask if you have ever heard of or read anything by Bob Mumford. He is a Calvin Pentecostal-Charismatic. Strange combination I know however, but a great teacher _ a most sought after teacher's teacher. I have known him for years. He has been a great help to me in sorting out the issues.

    Since you received from Jim Cymbala perhaps this series by Bob will benefit you, as it has me, in your walk with the Lord. It will explain the "why" of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in a most practical and personal way most of us have never understood, using the history of the Exodus from Egypt as the example for us to profit from in a recognizable way. Here is the complete youtube series. I hope you will let share this with you with the prayer you find it 'sustainingly' revelational to your thinking as it has to mine.

    Lov'in Jesus,
    Something amiss. I agree with that. It is simple and straight forward ast what Jesus said, and a person cannot go with that. -- Bless you T/L -- M and M Psalmist
    Threads like this are useful to separate the reasonable people you might disagree with and the extremists on the left who whine about every truth spoken against their prophet Obama, or their priestess in waiting, Hillary.
    strange CHEST PAINS, Totton

    I am kind of down for the count right now

    I really don't want to check into VA hospital if I can help it

    but I might have to

    thx fer chekin
    Yes, I believe your name calling towards meshak was without cause.
    You should continue to call her out for her doctrinal beliefs without calling her names.
    Thanks for the rep. Where's that other thread you mentioned. I went looking for it and came up bupkis. Of course, I am old and my vision isn't what it once was. :chuckle:
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