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  • LOL Yeah, I'm too tired tonight, but I'll probably do that tomorrow. I hate starting threads....they always get highjacked by the weirdos. I swear, we're getting out numbered of late.
    Brat. I was just posting my response when you closed that thread.

    Not that I blame you. Too many idiots dragging every post off topic. :nono:
    Ha! Hi Tambora, I logged in tonight to see whats up. Thanks for the rep, I hope you like that eternal torment thread. I find the topic fascinating. A late "Thanks!" here for the birthday blessing and hope you are doing well. I've been very side tracked in life lately but I'd love to get back into theology. Thanks! Jeff
    I don't know how you can tell I've been neg repped. ;)

    It's God's Untruth. I always give her one back, so I don't know why she does it. :chuckle:
    It's gotta be Rusha. Artie cracks easy, and Anna's has to work really hard. But, that Rusha....she reminds me of Nancy Pelosi....with a plastic smile.
    Thank You Sissy, I have been rather busy and i didn't see this until this morning but, thank you so much for remembering. It is nice to be remembered. :D
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well Sissy, it has been a very busy Christmas this year sorry, just haven't been online much. Any who I hope you had a joyous day and a Very Happy New Year to come. I know I will be celebrating on my birthday this year (January 20), Obama is officially gone and Trump will be our new leader...what a great gift. Wasn't my choice but, I rejoice that it is not the felon Hillary! :banana:
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