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  • Very kind of you. Just back in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and poke around during break.Wanted to see how a few of you were faring and toll the season thing I know there are trolls rushing about the place, anna is in the red and, I suppose, a profanity laced tirade by Psalmist can only be just around the corner. :eek:

    Merry Christmas! :cheers:
    The next time I notice you dwelling on God's word will be the first time. ( I seriously do skip over your posts ) I guess you are confirming my suspicion that all you do is dwell in homosexuality.

    Unless God's word is a book dedicated solely to homosexuality, it appears you are throwing monkey poo at the wall to see if it sticks, and that is the pretty much what I expect from you, so, good job there I guess.

    I like tacos too, so I have no clever rebuttal for that, and I have no idea why you thought that was important info. :)
    Dwelling on God's Word, I can see where you'd have issues with that.

    Regarding me "biting you", I had tacos yesterday Jose.
    I find that the subject of the homosexual agenda is way above most TOL'ers heads, you're not an exception.

    Have a good day "Skippy".
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