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  • I heard a rumor...!

    Yeah, and don't think I'm not a little creeped out by it. What'd I do? Is it my aftershave?
    I prefer chrome to IE. Unfortunately my google adblock has just become ineffective and even trying to repair it has proven useless. I'm determined to get it sorted out though....:eek:

    Where it comes to music then engagement with it is the key, along with passion. I love the melodious to the dissonant and I'm pretty much a 'want to be' in regards to what I've done with music...which is pretty much nothing at all apart from appreciating those that have...:)
    Hey, I normally use Google chrome but I've been having probs with it lately but I'll rep when I can. I do like to return the positive. :) We really should have a music conversation again...

    Hey, just dropping by to say hi and thanks for the rep a few days ago. I can't rep at the moment as IE just won't let me for some unknown reason...I hope things are well. :e4e:
    lol! Perhaps you are correct and Damien is just a word on a page? But then, of course, there is a page with a word on it... Oh dear!
    I wish I had one right now. I'm eating on some tater chips. I got the late night munchies.
    I remember crying so hard when he told the story of his father making him burying his baby brother.
    Billy Bob Thornton played that role sooooooo well.
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