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  • It is thanks :) - currently researching Jainism view of 'karma' which is most interesting and distinct in some particulars from Hindu/Buddhist schools. I do like their concept of Multi-sideness (Anekantvad), which fits well with my eclectic approach :) - Jainism has kept its prominently non-theistic emphasis as more of a pure system of metaphysics/philosophy/ethics....rooted and contextualized within a 'karmic universal process'. No creator-god or devas needed ;) - yet a pure form of libertarian free will is still held curiously within the karmic weave so to speak, so its not totally 'fatalistic'.
    Namaste buddy! I always appreciate well seasoned respectful thoughtful discussion, as its not always common around here. Let us represent :) - and keep up the good karma :) lol - had to throw that in.
    I've always appreciated your rational and philosophical approach on subjects, and while I'm pretty eclectic and 'avant-garde' in some respects, I find we have common ground on certain subjects and principles. Good luck on your schooling and employment prospects :)
    Hi csuguy :) - good response on 'eisegesis' & 'exegesis',..fun stuff eh? Its good to have a broad range of personalities to engage dialogue and viewpoints. How goes the spiritual journey? Any interesting new studies or subject matters?
    Oh wow, I'm rooting for Bernie too :) - oh cool, good success in your schooling. I'm just riding the cosmic currents as usual you know :surf:
    Blessings,.....so wonderful to be diving into the subject of 'karma' :) - its also been awhile since I've written on Reincarnation and gotten a new thread going on it, but I approach it more philosophically, which could be on the a similar level as 'resurection' which is also 'figurative' anyways ;) How goes your current journey?
    Might take some days before I can reply to you now. Some things that needs my attention the next week or so :)

    Perhaps a good thing from it, is you know who has your back, if a bit overly protective.
    If you understand Jesus' love, you will not be pro-military.

    Jesus does not advocate His followers to be pro-military.

    The military is of the world. His followers are not of the world.

    This is mainstream churches utmost disgraceful faith to be pro-military.

    this is Christianity 101.
    we are talking about what Jesus teaches.

    You obviously don't know His followers are not of the world.

    This is Christianity 101, brother.
    You dismiss that his followers are not of the world.

    You are very much political as most churchgoers.
    Love is a matter of what is in one's heart:

    Jesus explains it clearly and simply. You conveniently dismiss it.
    It is very important when it comes to Christianity.

    Jesus word is very important to me.

    I don't take lightly when you guys make so light of Jesus' teachings and misrepresent Him to the world with wicked and evil deeds.
    I don't sugarcoat the reality and the truth. I tell it as is.

    What most of you do is to sugarcoating the truth at Jesus' expense.

    It is dishonest.
    Also - I'm still interested in the subject of how Islam teaches that sin, and the debt/damage produced from it, is dealt with. Can you recommend a good Islamic Theology book/website?

    Hmm Islam taught just the same stuff as Judaism before Christ.

    You won't find many discussions in Islamic theology today. Our beliefs are very clear and set in stone - Islam is supposed to be the very last divinely inspired faith so our aqidah/belief is very clear.

    Any book or website - not any I'm aware of that deals entirely with this subject. I mean its simply forgiveness.

    "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land". (II Chronicles 7:14)
    With regards your points - it seems the only one's that apply to me would be the atonement via blood and perhaps the issue of Jesus as the Begotten Son of God (though I reject the notions of him being of one essence/substance with the Father as being unscriptural). I believe Islam recognizes the Virgin Birth? It seems like the Prophet was addressing the major sect of the day: Catholicism

    Yes Islam recognizes the Virgin Birth and it also holds Mary as the best of the women of all nations and all time.

    1. Atonement via blood. http://www.answering-christianity.com/isaiah_53.htm

    2. Jesus - the begotten Son of God http://www.answering-christianity.com/son_of_god.htm

    Those give good reasons for the Islamic view
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