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  • Just making the rounds of my friend's list. Used to compare it to a swimming game. Now it's largely a walk among tombstones. But on the bright side, that's one more reason for a toast. :cheers:
    Great Scott! It's been a while old chap eh what? I'm doing somewhat average as it were. How about your good self? :e4e:
    Hmmm I will look into that, no doubt. I'm currently reading a body and mind book just to try and get all my cylinders firing on the same level, its thus far not proven effective. I think the route of the problem is an inability to switch off and it has been a stressful period for all at work which isn't helping.

    It was a hard realization that one of the most watched over fields of work had so much geared towards either self preservation or ruthless advancement. Generally at the expense of quality of care; but as you say this is common for most jobs.

    Free travel, now I bet that was a real boon and jeez man be quiet when you mention British Rail . . . . they're listening at all times you know. Ahhh Bath lived there for 5 years, a truly amazing city with some fantastic ale houses, so my good man get yourself a ticket give me at least a weeks notice and a good old fashioned pub will be found . . . you know the kind with that special 'real' pub smell.

    I sometimes wonder if you spell his name wrong three times in a row and turn the lights off he will magically appear and call you an idiotic moron, causing you sever annoyance for the rest of your days!

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