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  • He seems to resent repartee when he runs into anyone who is capable of it...the reports aren't surprising. His humor tends to be simple and heavy handed, more often than not of the sophomoric, schoolyard variety. Maybe the problem is that too many of us credit him without reason for some of what he proffers without support except in declaration...and that might explain while he's still trying to play the faux lawyer charge with me. A sore point for him. The last time he beat that drum I set out a perma ban challenge rooted in my production of credentials. Jesse Owen never left a thing so quickly.
    I don't think he cares. That or he's actually less intelligent than I'd credited, which is always possible...for someone who is supposed to have a not insignificant background in terms of education he demonstrates an alarming lack of its impact beyond spelling and punctuation. :think:
    Sod hasn't changed really. He's a little better at avoiding the sort of thing that would force the sympathetic powers that be into putting him time out again, but he's just as much the barely contained train wreck in search of a traffic crossing. :eek: Taken as such he can be unintentionally amusing.
    Cam is having a statistical breakthrough year...or he's looking great against mostly sub-par opponents. In any event, he was excellent in the NFC Championship game.

    Peyton. Depends on what's left. Before he got hurt last year he looked the same as he has for years. Modest arm and great accuracy coupled with the ability to read defenses better than anyone at the position ever has, equaling success.

    The SB...he tried to play without being able to plant and it killed him. His arm can't compensate. Coming back from being sacked and banged up early in the year while running a system that didn't fit him, he was starting to look good before getting banged up again.

    So it depends. If he's healthy and with that defense? I have it an 8 pt game statistically, going with the reg. season performances by both. But I had NE a 7 pt favorite too. I wouldn't bury him and the Broncos just yet. Carolina isn't Seattle a couple of years ago and Peyton looks healthy.
    I leave for a minute and something happens. What did I miss this time?

    Be happy and have a merry Christmas, wherever you are. :cheers:
    Awe, I can't say I blame you. Due to one poster being allowed to do and say whatever he likes, this site has regressed.

    Anyways, I will catch you elsewhere if you cease posting here. Best wishes and happy holidays, Q.
    I would like to offer you some well meaning advice, if you don't mind.

    Treat OK'd as you would any other annoying, attention-seeking gnat. Put him on ignore. He THRIVES for attention, even when it's negative attention.

    You are too intelligent to waste your time on his stupidity. Also, until he offends someone who actually matters, reporting him won't do any good.
    You have to have riff-raff in a joint like this for flavoring, but what happened was the troll *** laude figured it out (okay, the asterisk bit wasn't profanity...even the machinery here is dumbing down). He tried saluting the flags the admin cared about while going overboard and still got dinged and bench time. Then he allied himself much more with the disgruntled, "This place stood for something!/Now it's overrun by liberals" crowd and finally paid for a subscription...that actually worked, leading to his near "made man" status, which will continue to lower standards and interest, I suspect.
    I like him too, and if you stick with the Peanuts theme, you'll have avatars for every season and occasion. Win-win. :)
    Eh, it's just the way it goes I guess. I've practically ignored that thread recently so I probably should have continued leaving it alone...:chuckle:
    It's a conferred honor from the owner, who has been surprising in his noting contributions from people he mostly can't agree with. Fool, an atheist, is a member, by way of (and if you don't know his work you should acquaint yourself as he can be both insightful and entertaining). No ring, just the satisfaction of lording it over the rest of you grunts. :eek:
    It all depends on the subject matter and how involved I am. I didn't expect that thread to take off as much as it did but when it did I did too...:eek:
    A tragic mistake. :chuckle: Well, it limped along anyway, even without your doubling the readership. :mmph: :eek:
    Oh, to keep ok from spamming it up. I forgot it was closed. :chuckle: I've had to do that before in the past, usually right after I post a Gazette, to keep a couple of trolls from burying the lead. Then, after a day or less, I'd open it. Give people who stop in to read it time to do that without having to dig through troll droppings to find it. Thanks for the nudge.
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