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  • Sounds great to me. I'm just spent. I've been in and out of the hospital in shifts (there's a limit on how many people can be in a room, even if you are counsel for the patient) and manning the phone here for family when I wasn't, so I'm winding down as we speak. That little I think I can manage. :cheers:
    Thanks. Sometimes ignore, a shut door and life are the best revenge we could have on those seemingly dedicated to making misery. If he was actually an ambassador for Christ he'd have been recalled already. :eek:

    You going to launch the odds this week or should I? I'm a bit groggy. I can put up tonight's match up at least, until I get a bit more sleep.
    So...which house do you want to discuss football in? I need to openly mull this spate of games. It's got thorns in it.
    I like "The second book of the Tao" by Stephan Mitchell. It is selected works of Chuang-Tzu and Chung Yung with Mitchell's commentary.
    Thanks Quetz. He's looking good. I'm thinking he simply overloaded his system. He's on a few boards, was out doing strenuous yard work the other day and got up to play golf at six a.m. Man, I hope I can do half of what he does at his age. Remarkable fellow. Resting now and the prognosis is a likely release around lunch tomorrow.

    Scary though, when our fathers stop being indestructible supermen.
    Tao is very Zen-like. Lao Tzu has some enlightening quotes.

    One quite compatible with Buddhism: “To understand the limitation of things, desire them.”
    And this is why I believe in a regular medication schedule. :plain: :) But seriously :)drum:) disco was livelier than a film discussion over there...or sports...and the religion section read more like the diary of ex's that can't let go. But I'm going to flesh that place out if it kills them. :shocked:
    I'm not so much back as enjoying a holiday break. And the other joint is slow to immobile on the popular culture front. :eek: So, a few weeks in and out then back out for me.
    Honestly, I think this whole rape discussion is going to devolve into blaming wives who get raped as being adulterers. Then, it will go even father off the deep end. I hope I'm wrong.

    I would have replied this in the thread but I'm trying to make a point of getting people to let it go. Hope you are well :e4e:
    Don't let him fool you. He can see the woodshed just fine, he uses his resodko username to see it. resodko was on at the same time as ok loser last night before he left.
    Though we don't always see eye to eye on all issues, thank you so much for stepping up and defending women in that vile, sham of a thread (you know the one).
    That's because we don't really get into those strong disagreements and share a lot of political/social sentiment :) Thanks for the 'welcome back.'
    Good morning, you posed a question to me on the topic of "N?A". You stated "Right?" I am unable to access the thread? You could pm me if you wish.
    Jumping ship. Will likely see you at the other haunt if you still drop in. At least as time permits. :cheers:
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