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  • Not to worry, old friend. Just take care of yourself and God be with you. He's definitely for you. As am I.
    :chuckle: Did you mean to post your comment in your thread? Just stopped by and saw it. I think that would be an interesting thread. :thumb:
    BTW...I'm going start putting together "Born This Day" ... Thought you should know, as you made such a great suggestion.
    :) Was funny. I only close it for a little while after I post the Gazette so people who stop in to read it can find it without a hassle. I always open it again inside the day.
    "Born this Day" as an interesting tone to it. Glad Jack is better and resting comfortably, it's tough when the children are ill. And a good care giver you are, that's a husband and dad of integrity.
    T/H ... What is your Misses name?
    You know, it might be interesting to have a "born this day" thread...Jack had his first full meal in a few days today and is resting comfortably. More than a few in his class and four teachers are out with it, God bless them. I've been spared and so put in a position to take care of my brood, so I'm thankful for that.
    T/H...Think of those small mercies as "Mercy Drops" and they can promote great wonders. I put you on the prayer that you'll remain upright, your wife and Jack will recovery too.
    I'd have nudged you sooner but I'm in the midst of tending to the wife and Jack, who are now on the upswing from yet another winter respiratory virus. Thankfully I have remained upright to attend to them. Small mercies then. I hope you continue to improve and my best, as ever, to the Mrs. :)
    Seems to be a trend yes, I closed mine because it was going in a direction that was far from what the OP & Video was supposed to represent and begun down the bunny trail towards an entire different subject so, I felt that closing it was the only answer after repeatedly asking people to address the subject of the thread. I know some thought it disingenuous and felt that the questions they were asking were tied to it but, I thought different & decided to drop the axe. Merry Christmas to you & Mrs Psalmist BTW, I hope you are recovering from your fall and pray for your continued health.

    Thank you for the greeting and blessings to both of the Psalmists from Nang & hubby!
    He's a ridiculously photogenic kid. Almost drove me to a paternity test. :chuckle: Merry Christmas. :cheers:
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