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  • Having the same IP address as Dialm is quite the coincidence for it to happen on TOL. That said, a common internet provider's server existing between you both and/or both located in the same geographic region (Illinois "corn desert") could account for this. Also, regional servers rotate allocations of pools IPv4 addresses, so it is not out of the question that even if you and Dialm are not co-located geographically, you both could end up with logging into TOL with an identical IP address, said assigned IP address separated by months or years in between.

    I give you the benefit of the doubt. You avow you had no Dialm sock account. That should be taken into consideration until evidence to the contrary presents itself. From what I read of Dialm's posts you would have to be one diabolical minded fellow to post some of what I saw he posted. A true believer, as I consider you to be, could not do such a thing.
    Re: " A series of events interacting with UPC Modalists and a NAR group helped me return to within the strict boundaries of the Reformed tradition. "

    Good to see this, Reviewing some of your posts at other discussion sites c. 2010-2013 gave me much pause for the casual reader would likely conclude your were outside the camp. ;)
    I understand. I did post at length as to why an identical IP address may appear. It is not unusual nowadays given that all the available IPv4 addresses have been exhausted, so duplicates can appear depending upon how servers handle them.

    It is a feeding frenzy at TOL often, especially when some sense that they are getting under your skin. I worry the mods will infract you if you go too far. Those nipping at you are old hands here so they are going to get some more leeway that you may not. That is just how things work here. Try to avoid the biggies, implied profanity, disrespecting the mods, or anything hinting at blasphemy. That last one is tricky for you if you launch into one of those anti-Trinity speels that the average person cannot decipher properly what you are actually caviling about.

    Did you review the E. Stump paper?
    You should weigh in at one of the popular blogs dealing with ESS with some rationale calling for a proper way to view the issue. A good way to get your feet wet in a wider environment and see where it leads.
    Stump's paper is one of the most frequently cited on theological topics related to eternity. It is tricky to obtain, but something you will need to be aware of in your future formal studies:


    Let me know when you have downloaded it as I do not like to leave public links open very long to my collections of materials.
    I do not know if you have been following the current brouhaha over the issue of the subordination of the Son to the Father, but below is a single place to access the various views:

    This lays out a summary of the debate to date:

    Perhaps providence is such that now is a time for some other inputs into this debate among theologians. The door is cracked open for you if you can manage to weigh in with some salient points at the various blogs and venues where this is being hashed out.

    For example, think about how your views aid one side or the other in this important discussion.
    Re: Spammers Wasteland thread

    Why let the hoi polloi get under your skin? These folks have but one agenda and you seem willing to play into it. Casting pearls is forbidden, no?

    Sooner or later you will cross the line and end up infracted by the Mods as these folks make it a daily game to achieve.

    Good to see your use of aeviternity taking shape in discussion with Nang today. It was not long ago you expressed reservations:

    Did you happen to see this summary of Charnock:

    As you continue to develop your thoughts on the topic, interacting with men like Charnock will be expected by the academy down the road.

    I was very pleased to read in one of your posts that you were taking a more taciturn approach about your views in favor of more fully developing them in an academic setting for a wider vetting. The news that you are considering enrolling in seminary is wonderful. I want to keep up with you as you make your way in your studies, too. And if there is anything I can do to assist you as you progress please do not hesitate to contact me ( I have high hopes for your efforts and I know they will enlarge the church militant's understanding of the things we hold dear. Please remember me when you are seeking red-pen inputs to anything you are preparing for submission in your studies. BTW, I sometimes attend a WELS church within a five minute walk of my home when things at home prevent me from attending my normal PCA church. You are taking the right path, brother.
    Thank you . . . Very kind words.

    Neither of us are scholars and we have no education in the languages, but my husband would sure bend your ear talking motorcycles!
    I would imagine the answers will develop from a sound and thorough Christology. Do you plan to publish eventually?
    Synergism suggests two equal parties acting in sync with each other, and necessarily locked in contingency to each other to achieve contract; thus the attempt to apply this kind of terminology to the Gospel message, is nothing other than a reversion to semi-Pelagianism, IMO.

    The sanctification of sinners is neither quantitatively nor qualitatively contingent upon their participation.

    The participation in a sanctified and holy life in Christ, is totally the result of being renewed in heart and mind via regeneration by the Holy Spirit of Christ.
    "Synergism cannot be us contributing anything whatsoever. Resting in Him and His finished work. "

    Amen, and amen . . .
    This does not mean that I discard my human responsibility and duty to obey and serve the righteousness of God. Not at all, but I simply believe the Holy Spirit working in me is the sole power that produces any ability or desire on my part to practice obedience or grow in conformance to Christ's image. Sanctification is the very evidence of God's grace. Soli Deo Gloria
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