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  • I had to report you because you are now out of control. I do think you have drank today?
    I do forgive you. I deleted all the messages. Now behave and there will be no more trouble.
    I'm sorry you're dealing with that. I completely agree that real life ministry is much more vital. I joined here in 2007. I ended up taking a small "vacation" for over 18 months or so of my own doing as I constantly felt discouraged by some of the posters here. Since returning, I don't post much at all. Hope you stay around, even if not often. :) ..
    Is this how you apologize? Sending me ""Arrogant, ignorant, posing, pretending, cognitively unstable, senile, lying old reprobate and hate-monger."
    "Just reading through this thread again, and this inane post reminded me of your insanity, ad hominem, and cyber-analysis of me according to your amateur psychology crap. Get some professional help"

    I have provided psychological professional services for years, then legal services, and still do.

    Who are you to say anything to me?

    Then you write me saying. "You're a crazy, delusional old bat that misrepresents cognitive science and pretends to analyze others in condescension."

    No, it is expert advice for free!

    Then you state. "You have limbic neurochemical issues that need some help, ya old loon.

    Get a clue. Response is NOT initiative. Go cry to whomever."

    This is disrespectful; you have no right to talk to me this way.
    Alright, I will leave you alone. Maybe I was hard on you. It would have been better had you confronted me directly. Now go in peace, and I will not bother you, unless you are causing trouble.
    I'm just popping in and out while at work.. :D.. Sometimes it's a little slow around here so I check out TOL.. Hope your day is going well. :)
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